Team participation for Jeffrey Elkner

Jeffrey Elkner is a member of the following teams:

Team Joined Role Via Mailing List
APS Grok Students 2009-02-15 Owner Subscribed
CanDo Developers 2005-09-13 Owner
Cando07team1 2007-02-02 Owner
DocTestQuiz Developers 2008-05-27 Admin
GASP Debian Packaging Team 2008-11-21 Member
GASP Development Team 2007-03-01 Owner Subscribed
GASP Lessons Team 2008-03-18 Admin
GCTAA Developers 2012-07-26 Owner
Graphical-logic-circuits-team 2008-05-22 Admin
How to Think Like a Computer Scientist: Learning with Python development team 2008-11-14 Owner
Intro2ict-team 2008-02-12 Owner
Launchpad Beta Testers 2007-02-26 Member
Letter Invaders Development Team 2007-11-02 Admin
Lubuntu 2009-12-04 Member
NHS Service Log Developers 2008-05-15 Owner
Open Book Project 2010-11-25 Owner
Open Door Classroom Core Team 2012-12-09 Member Subscribed
Planet Ubuntu Member Ubuntu Members
Proyecto Juan Chacón 2009-05-21 Owner
Python 4 Fun 2008-03-18 Owner
SchoolTool Users 2007-02-25 Admin Subscribed
SchoolTool-Dev 2008-12-12 Member Subscribed
Stagent-developers Member CanDo Developers
ThinkCSpy2e 2009-06-10 Owner
Thinkcspy2esp 2008-01-29 Owner
TimeLapse Team 2009-09-22 Member
US Teams Project Member Washington, DC LoCo
Ubuntu Members 2007-10-02 Member
Ubuntu Phone 2014-08-25 Member
Ubuntu Touch Programming Course 2018-03-17 Member Subscribed
Users of the Ubuntu Etherpad instance Member Ubuntu Members
Viejo CDC Development Team Member Viejo Development Team
Viejo ConSuAcción Development Team Member Viejo Development Team
Viejo Development Team 2008-08-06 Admin
Viejo VNM Development Team Member Viejo Development Team
Washington, DC LoCo 2005-10-18 Member
Yorktown High School Programming Team 2008-12-19 Admin
obpdoc developers 2008-01-12 Owner
thinkcspy-rle-team 2011-08-15 Member