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Name Uploaded to Version When Failures
supybot Ubuntu Edgy 0.83.2-1 None
noteedit Ubuntu Edgy 2.8.1-2 None

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Name Uploaded to Version When Failures
qtbase-opensource-src drop - Ubuntu Noble 5.15.12+dfsg-1ubuntu1+0.drop.0 None
wireplumber drop - Ubuntu Noble 0.4.15-1~0.drop.0 None
pipewire drop - Ubuntu Mantic 0.3.82-0~0.drop.2 None
webrtc-audio-processing drop - Ubuntu Mantic 1.0-0.2~0.drop.0 None
qtbase-opensource-src drop - Ubuntu Mantic 5.15.10+dfsg-3+0.drop.0 None
strawberry drop - Ubuntu Lunar 1.0.17-1~0.drop.0 None
qtbase-opensource-src drop - Ubuntu Lunar 5.15.8+dfsg-3+0.drop.0 None
mesa drop - Ubuntu Lunar 22.3.3-1~0.drop.0 None
networkx drop - Ubuntu Lunar 2.8.8-1~0.drop.0 None
python-pulsectl drop - Ubuntu Lunar 22.3.2-2+0.drop.0 None