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Maintained packages

6 packages
Name Uploaded to Version When Failures
dcfldd Debian Sid 2012-05-13 None
dcfldd Debian Lenny 2008-10-29 None
dcfldd Ubuntu Hardy 2007-12-03 None
libqt-ruby-qt4 Ubuntu Edgy 1.4.6-0ubuntu1 2006-09-27 None
afflib Ubuntu Edgy 1.6.31-0ubuntu1 2006-09-15 None
dcfldd Ubuntu Dapper 1.3.4-0ubuntu1 2006-02-15 None

Uploaded packages

7 packages
Name Uploaded to Version When Failures
sleuthkit Ubuntu Edgy 2.06-3 2006-09-28 None
autopsy Ubuntu Edgy 2.08-0ubuntu1 2006-09-27 None
k3b Ubuntu Edgy 0.12.17-1ubuntu2 2006-08-25 None
kopete Ubuntu Edgy 4:3.5.4+kopete0.12.1-0ubuntu4 2006-08-08 None
kmobiletools Ubuntu Edgy 2006-07-28 None
autopsy Ubuntu Dapper 2.06-2ubuntu1 2006-03-23 None
k3b Ubuntu Dapper 0.12.14-0ubuntu1 2006-03-15 None