PPA packages

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Name Uploaded to Version When Failures
graphite-web Graphite - Ubuntu Precise 0.9.12+debian-5~precise1~ppa2 None
python-designateclient Designate - Havana - Ubuntu Raring 1.0.0-1+raring1 None
python-designateclient Designate - Havana - Ubuntu Saucy 1.0.0-1+saucy1 None
designate Designate - Havana - Ubuntu Precise 2013.2-4 None
python-designateclient Designate - Havana - Ubuntu Precise 1.0.0-1 None
sqlalchemy Designate - Havana Deps - Ubuntu Precise 0.8.2-1~cloud1~ppa0 None
python-pbr Designate - Havana Deps - Ubuntu Precise 0.5.21-0ubuntu4~cloud0~ppa0 None
python-designateclient Designate Testing - Ubuntu Precise None
beaver Beaver - Ubuntu Precise 30.33-1 None
python-redis Beaver - Ubuntu Precise 2.4.13-2~precise1 None
conf-d Beaver - Ubuntu Precise 0.0.3-1 None
designate Designate - Havana - Ubuntu Precise 2013.2.a251.gad80f3f-1 None
python-jsonschema Designate - Havana - Ubuntu Precise 1.3.0-0ubuntu1~precise0 None
designate Designate - Havana Staging - Ubuntu Precise 2013.2.a223.g0f781df-1 None
python-pbr Designate - Havana Staging - Ubuntu Precise 0.5.21-0ubuntu1~precise1 None
python-keystoneclient Designate - Havana - Ubuntu Precise 1:0.3.1-0ubuntu1~precise0 None
openstack-pkg-tools Designate - Havana - Ubuntu Precise 7-precise1 None
stevedore Designate - Havana - Ubuntu Precise 0.10-1precise1 None
python-anyjson Designate - Havana - Ubuntu Precise 0.3.3-0ubuntu2~precise0 None
statsd StatsD - Ubuntu Precise 0.0.6-1 None
designate Designate - Ubuntu Precise 2013.2.a133.g3eec5a9-4 None
python-logstash Python Logstash - Ubuntu Precise 0.1.2-3 None
carbon Graphite - Ubuntu Precise 0.9.10-1 None
logmetrics Logmetrics - Ubuntu Precise None
prettytable Logmetrics - Ubuntu Precise 0.6.1-1ubuntu1~cloud0~precise1 None
cmd2 Logmetrics - Ubuntu Precise 0.6.4-1~cloud0~precise1 None
pyparsing Logmetrics - Ubuntu Precise 1.5.7+dfsg1-0ubuntu2~cloud0~precise0 None
stevedore Logmetrics - Ubuntu Precise 0.8-2~cloud0~precise4 None
python-cliff Logmetrics - Ubuntu Precise 1.3.1-0ubuntu1~cloud0~precise4 None
pygtail Logmetrics - Ubuntu Precise 0.2.1-1 None
moniker Moniker Unstable PPA - Ubuntu Precise 2013.1.alpha1.121.g0c7535e-1 None
logster Logster - Ubuntu Precise 0.0.1+moniker1 None
python-glob2 Beaver - Ubuntu Precise 0.3-1 None
python-jsonschema Moniker Unstable PPA - Ubuntu Precise 0.8.0-1 None
python-monikerclient Moniker Unstable PPA - Ubuntu Precise 0.0.1.alpha1.2.gd7e3514-1 None
python-django-openstack-auth Misc Stuff - Ubuntu Precise 1.0.6-0ubuntu1~precise None
python-cliff Moniker Unstable PPA - Ubuntu Precise 1.3-1 None
python-requests Moniker Unstable PPA - Ubuntu Precise 1.0.4-1 None
python-extras Moniker Unstable PPA - Ubuntu Precise 0.0.2-3 None
moniker Moniker Test PPA - Ubuntu Precise 0.0.235.b5ecff2-4 None
python-extras Moniker Dependencies - Ubuntu Precise 0.0.2-3 None
python-jsonschema Moniker Dependencies - Ubuntu Precise 0.8a1-1 None
moniker Moniker Test PPA - Ubuntu Quantal 0.0.235.b5ecff2-1 None
moniker Moniker - Ubuntu Raring 0.0+82+12~raring1 None
moniker Moniker - Ubuntu Precise 0.0+82+12~precise1 None
moniker Moniker - Ubuntu Quantal 0.0+82+12~quantal1 None
python-monikerclient Moniker - Ubuntu Raring 0.0+2+4~raring1 None
python-monikerclient Moniker - Ubuntu Precise 0.0+2+4~precise1 None
python-monikerclient Moniker - Ubuntu Quantal 0.0+2+4~quantal1 None
stevedore Moniker - Ubuntu Precise 0.4-0ubuntu2 None
python-jsonschema Moniker - Ubuntu Precise 0.7-0ubuntu1~precise None
canonical-identity-provider-dependencies Test PPA - Ubuntu Oneiric 12.09.20-0~36~oneiric1 None
mogilefs-munin MogileFS - Ubuntu Precise 20120901+git377b762-mit1 None
mogilefs-server MogileFS Testing - Ubuntu Precise 2.65-mit2 None
mogilefs-server MogileFS - Ubuntu Precise 2.65-mit2 None
mogilefs-utils MogileFS - Ubuntu Precise 2.26-mit1 None
mogilefs-client MogileFS - Ubuntu Precise 1.16-mit1 None
google-authenticator Google Authenticator - Ubuntu Precise 20120722.a096a628455a-0mit2 None
mogilefs-client MogileFS Testing - Ubuntu Precise 1.16-mit1~wip2 None
perlbal MogileFS Testing - Ubuntu Precise 1.80-2mit1 None
mogilefs-utils MogileFS Testing - Ubuntu Precise 2.26-mit1~wip1 None
mogilefs-network MogileFS Testing - Ubuntu Precise 0.06-mit1~wip1 None
git-review Git Review - Ubuntu Oneiric 1.9-0mit1 None
managedit-openstack-nightly-pin OpenStack Nightly Builds - Ubuntu Oneiric 1.0ubuntu2 None
managedit-openstack-testing-pin OpenStack Testing - Ubuntu Oneiric 1.0ubuntu2 None
horizon OpenStack Testing - Ubuntu Oneiric 0.1+20111122-0mit2 None
python-keystoneclient OpenStack Testing - Ubuntu Oneiric 2.7+20111122-0mit1 None
python-novaclient OpenStack - Ubuntu Oneiric 2.6.8+20111122-0mit1 None
nova OpenStack - Ubuntu Oneiric 2011.3+20111122-0mit2 None
175 of 99 results