PPA packages

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Name Uploaded to Version When Failures
pure-ftpd pure-ftpd - Ubuntu Jammy 1.0.51-ppa-pure-ftpd-115 None
pure-ftpd pure-ftpd - Ubuntu Focal 1.0.51-ppa-pure-ftpd-114 None
pure-ftpd pure-ftpd - Ubuntu Bionic 1.0.51-ppa-pure-ftpd-113 None
pure-ftpd pure-ftpd - Ubuntu Xenial 1.0.51-ppa-pure-ftpd-112 None
nginx nginx - Ubuntu Xenial 1.20.2-xenial-debian0-ubuntu374 None
lua-resty-core nginx - Ubuntu Jammy 0.1.24-3ppa-nginx-16 None
lua-resty-core nginx - Ubuntu Focal 0.1.24-3ppa-nginx-15 None
lua-resty-core nginx - Ubuntu Bionic 0.1.24-3ppa-nginx-14 None
lua-resty-core nginx - Ubuntu Xenial 0.1.24-3ppa-nginx-13 None
libnginx-mod-http-lua nginx - Ubuntu Jammy 1:0.10.22-2ppa-nginx-15 None
libnginx-mod-http-lua nginx - Ubuntu Focal 1:0.10.22-2ppa-nginx-14 None
libnginx-mod-http-lua nginx - Ubuntu Bionic 1:0.10.22-2ppa-nginx-13 None
libnginx-mod-http-lua nginx - Ubuntu Xenial 1:0.10.22-2ppa-nginx-12 None
nginx nginx - Ubuntu Jammy 1.22.0-3ppa-nginx-13 None
nginx nginx - Ubuntu Focal 1.22.0-3ppa-nginx-12 None
nginx nginx - Ubuntu Bionic 1.22.0-3ppa-nginx-11 None
lua-resty-lrucache nginx - Ubuntu Jammy 0.13-8ppa-nginx-9 None
lua-resty-lrucache nginx - Ubuntu Focal 0.13-8ppa-nginx-8 None
lua-resty-lrucache nginx - Ubuntu Bionic 0.13-8ppa-nginx-7 None
lua-resty-lrucache nginx - Ubuntu Xenial 0.13-8ppa-nginx-6 None
luajit2 nginx - Ubuntu Jammy 2.1-20220411-4ppa-nginx-25 None
luajit2 nginx - Ubuntu Focal 2.1-20220411-4ppa-nginx-24 None
luajit2 nginx - Ubuntu Bionic 2.1-20220411-4ppa-nginx-23 None
luajit2 nginx - Ubuntu Xenial 2.1-20220411-4ppa-nginx-22 None
burp burp - Ubuntu Jammy 2.5.4-jammy-4ubuntu41 None
burp burp - Ubuntu Focal 2.5.4-focal-4ubuntu40 None
burp burp - Ubuntu Bionic 2.5.4-bionic-4ubuntu39 None
burp burp - Ubuntu Xenial 2.5.4-xenial-4ubuntu38 None
pure-ftpd pure-ftpd - Ubuntu Trusty 1.0.49-trusty-44ubuntu40 None
burp burp - Ubuntu Trusty 2.3.28-trusty-4ubuntu29 None
nginx nginx - Ubuntu Disco 1.16.1-disco-debian0-ubuntu303 None
pure-ftpd pure-ftpd - Ubuntu Eoan 1.0.49-eoan-44ubuntu38 None
burp burp - Ubuntu Cosmic 2.3.2-cosmic-4ubuntu27 None
nginx nginx - Ubuntu Artful 1.14.0-artful-debian0-ubuntu273 None
nginx nginx - Ubuntu Trusty 1.14.0-trusty-debian0-ubuntu271 None
nginx nginx - Ubuntu Zesty 1.12.1-zesty-debian0-ubuntu234 None
nginx nginx - Ubuntu Yakkety 1.10.3-yakkety-debian0-ubuntu230 None
nginx nginx with some extras. - Ubuntu Zesty 1.10.2-zesty-debian0-ubuntu223 None
nginx nginx with some extras. - Ubuntu Yakkety 1.10.2-yakkety-debian0-ubuntu222 None
nginx nginx with some extras. - Ubuntu Xenial 1.10.2-xenial-debian0-ubuntu221 None
nginx nginx with some extras. - Ubuntu Trusty 1.10.2-trusty-debian0-ubuntu220 None
nginx nginx with some extras. - Ubuntu Wily 1.10.2-wily-yakkety-debian0-ubuntu152 None
nginx nginx with some extras. - Ubuntu Vivid 1.10.2-vivid-yakkety-debian0-ubuntu151 None
lxcfs lxc - Ubuntu Vivid 0.9-vivid-ubuntu8 None
lxcfs lxc - Ubuntu Trusty 0.9-trusty-ubuntu7 None
firewalld firewalld - Ubuntu Vivid 0.3.14-vivid-ubuntu99 None
firewalld firewalld - Ubuntu Trusty 0.3.14-trusty-ubuntu98 None
haproxy haproxy-1.5 - Ubuntu Vivid 1.5.12-vivid-ubuntu30 None
haproxy haproxy-1.5 - Ubuntu Trusty 1.5.12-trusty-ubuntu29 None
nginx nginx with some extras. - Ubuntu Precise 1.9.0-precise-debian0~precise-ubuntu52 None
haproxy haproxy-1.5 - Ubuntu Precise 1.5.12-precise-ubuntu24 None
firewalld firewalld - Ubuntu Precise 0.3.14-1ubuntu76 None
nginx nginx with some extras. - Ubuntu Saucy 1.7.3-ubuntu35~preciseubuntu5 None
net-snmp packages for snmp - Ubuntu Trusty 5.7.2~dfsg-8.1ubuntu5 None
154 of 54 results