Maintained Packages

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Name Uploaded to Version When Failures
nml Ubuntu Noble 0.7.4-1build1 None
openttd Ubuntu Noble 13.4-1build1 None
openttd-opensfx Debian Sid 1.0.3-3 None
openttd Debian Sid 13.4-1 None
nml Debian Sid 0.7.4-1 None
openttd Ubuntu Lunar 13.0-2ubuntu2 None
nml Ubuntu Lunar 0.6.1-1build2 None
openttd Ubuntu Kinetic 12.1-2build2 None
nml Ubuntu Jammy 0.6.1-1build1 None
openttd Ubuntu Jammy 12.1-2build1 None
openttd-opengfx Debian Sid 7.1-1 None
openttd-openmsx Debian Sid 0.4.2-1 None
grfcodec Debian Sid 6.0.6-6 None
catcodec Debian Sid 1.0.5-4 None
nml Ubuntu Hirsute 0.5.2-1build2 None
openttd-openmsx Ubuntu Focal 0.3.1-5ubuntu1 None
grfcodec Ubuntu Focal 6.0.6-4build1 None
catcodec Ubuntu Focal 1.0.5-3build1 None
openttd Ubuntu Focal 1.9.3-1build2 None
nml Ubuntu Focal 0.4.5-1ubuntu2 s390x ppc64el armhf arm64 amd64
openttd Ubuntu Disco 1.8.0-1ubuntu1 None
nml Ubuntu Disco 0.4.5-1build1 None
nml Ubuntu Cosmic 0.4.4-2build1 None
openttd Ubuntu Bionic 1.7.0-1build1 s390x ppc64el i386 armhf arm64 amd64
nml Ubuntu Artful 0.4.4-1build3 None
openttd Ubuntu Yakkety 1.5.3-1build1 None
grfcodec Ubuntu Yakkety 6.0.5-1build1 None
nml Ubuntu Xenial 0.4.4-1build1 None
openttd Ubuntu Wily 1.5.1-1build1 None
openttd Debian Squeeze 1.0.4-7 None
openttd Debian Wheezy 1.2.1-3 None
openttd Debian Experimental 1.3.0~rc3-1 None
openttd Debian Lenny 0.6.2-1+lenny4 None
openttd Ubuntu Precise 1.1.4-1 None
openttd-opengfx Ubuntu Precise 0.3.7-1 None
grfcodec Ubuntu Precise 5.1.2-1 None
openttd-opensfx Ubuntu Precise 0.2.3-2 None
catcodec Ubuntu Precise 1.0.4-1 None
openttd Ubuntu Natty 1.0.4-3 None
openttd-openmsx Ubuntu Natty 0.3.1-1 None
nforenum Ubuntu Natty 4.0.0+debian1-1 None
grfcodec Ubuntu Natty 1.0.0+debian1-2 None
openttd Ubuntu Maverick 1.0.4-1 None
nforenum Debian Sid 4.0.0+debian1-1 None
openttd-opengfx Debian Squeeze 0.2.4-1 None
openttd-opengfx Ubuntu Maverick 0.2.4-1 None
openttd-opensfx Ubuntu Lucid 0.2.3-1 None
openttd-opengfx Ubuntu Lucid 0.2.3-1 None
nforenum Ubuntu Lucid 3.4.6+svn2309-1 None
grfcodec Ubuntu Lucid 0.9.10+svn2306-1 None
catcodec Ubuntu Lucid 1.0.0-1 None
openttd Ubuntu Lucid 1.0.0-2 None
openttd Ubuntu Karmic 0.7.1-1 None
openttd Ubuntu Jaunty 0.6.3-1 None
openttd Ubuntu Intrepid 0.6.2-1 None
openttd Ubuntu Hardy 0.6.0-2 None
openttd Ubuntu Gutsy 0.5.2-1 None
157 of 57 results