Mpv media player (FFmpeg version)

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For unity & gnome-shell docks > the mpv icon > r. click will provide info and links

*Note: any issues regarding ytdl:
Update to the latest upstream version before filing issue with me or at mpv github

*Note - mpv.conf is the new default for a config file
Best, new default location is ~/.config/mpv/ using mpv.conf

*New -
The upstream default is idle=once, I've set these builds to idle=yes

To return to idle once in your local config file add -


*For https stream - the mpv window won't open till stream starts, to get an immediate window, in mpv.conf a new section -


* For Ubuntu (unity, gnome-shell) users -
you can add mpv to the launcher for DnD, also ck. the quicklists for add stuff.

Fork of mplayer/mplayer2
This ppa has git master versions, for stable release builds see here (trusty only

Using an embedded FFmpeg git, see here for difference vs. libav
Using git x264

further info & info for self builds

For some usage info read & ck. here -

*Note* - Osc config options now go into ~/.mpv/lua-settings/osc.config
refer to manpage or pdf in /usr/share/doc/mpv

Note that osc does have a slight hit on cpu use, if unsuitable then disable at runtime

Encoding support now enabled, see manpages &
mpv --oac=help
mpv --oacopts=help
mpv --ovc=help
mpv --ovcopts=help
Add. see /etc/mpv/encoding-profiles.conf

*A pdf version of the manpages is available in /usr/share/doc/mpv, no need to extract to use with evince, other readers may vary..

*For unity & gnome-shell users if you pin mpv to launcher/dock/overview there is a quicklist option to open the man in evince. (and several other items..

*If you want mpv to open centered on screen, (recommended) then -
In your local mpv.conf file add line -

*Hardware decoding can be auto enabled & used when supported by adding to mpv.conf this line -

For some --vo info ck. the man/pdf or here

*Youtube & other sites*

You must have a recent youtube-dl in $PATH
Best way for youtube-dl is to follow instr. here, then keep up to date -
(- the repo packages of youtube-dl are generally outdated, don't use!

To disable add to your config file ~/.config/mpv/mpv.conf

*re vapoursynth support*
The previous linked ppa is now dead...
For 18.04 a build here, may not be updated further..

*re:libmpv for xenial
older version here, for newer go here as latest requires newer ffmpeg libs

*re: mpv2 package. The name I made up, the source is mpv_backup which is the personal dev of the Former main mpv dev. It's what he wants.. Can co-exist with orig. mpv, use mpv2 as the cli command. Does not support optical media or dvb, some options also removed. Check out it's man pages..
Dev on it has stopped, will probably remove at some point..

*Re: cuda/nvdec support
The current min nvidia driver version is 396.24 or newer,
 For optional CUDA 10 features: 410.48 or newer
This will never go down, will go up.
If needed newer drivers here -

Re:Vulkan support
Support added in 18.04, 19.04 & 19.10 ymmv
 (- nvidia only users may remove mesa-vulkan-drivers if they are an issue, not seen here..

Adding this PPA to your system

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sudo add-apt-repository ppa:mc3man/mpv-tests
sudo apt update
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For questions and bugs with software in this PPA please contact Doug McMahon.

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aom 1.0.0.errata1-3build1.1~bionic Doug McMahon ()
dav1d 0.7.0-1 Doug McMahon ()
dav1d 0.7.0-1 Doug McMahon ()
dav1d 0.6.0-2 Doug McMahon ()
dav1d 0.5.2-2 Doug McMahon ()
dav1d 0.3.1-1 Doug McMahon ()
dav1d 0.2.0-1 Doug McMahon ()
fdk-aac Doug McMahon ()
fdk-aac Doug McMahon ()
intel-vaapi-driver 1.8.1-1~xenial Doug McMahon ()
intel-vaapi-driver 1.7.0-1~ppa1 Doug McMahon ()
lcms2 2.6-3ubuntu1~trusty Doug McMahon ()
libarchive 3.4.0-1.1~bionic Doug McMahon ()
libbluray 1:0.7.0-1~trusty Doug McMahon ()
libmpv 0.22.0-1~xenial1 Doug McMahon ()
libmysofa 0.6.0+git~disco Doug McMahon ()
libmysofa 0.6.0+git~bionic Doug McMahon ()
libmysofa 0.6.0~xenial2 Doug McMahon ()
libmysofa 0.6.0~xenial2 Doug McMahon ()
libplacebo 1.21.0-1~focal3 Doug McMahon ()
libplacebo 1.18.0-1~eoan1 Doug McMahon ()
libplacebo 1.18.0-1~bionic1 Doug McMahon ()
libva 1.8.1-1~xenial Doug McMahon ()
libva 1.7.3-1~trusty Doug McMahon ()
libva-utils 1.8.1+ds1-1~xenial Doug McMahon ()
libvdpau 1.3-0ubuntu0~gpu18.04.2 Michael Marley ()
mpv 2:0.33.0~groovy Doug McMahon ()
mpv 2:0.33.0~focal1 Doug McMahon ()
mpv 2:0.33.0~bionic3 Doug McMahon ()
mpv 2:0.32.0~eoan Doug McMahon ()
mpv 2:0.32~xenial Doug McMahon ()
mpv 2:0.29.1+git3~trusty Doug McMahon ()
mpv 2:0.29.1+git2~disco Doug McMahon ()
shaderc 2019.1-1~focal Doug McMahon ()
shaderc 2019.0-1~bionic Doug McMahon ()
shaderc 2018.1~dev+63-1~eoan Doug McMahon ()
shaderc 2018.1~dev+42-1~disco Doug McMahon ()
vulkan-loader Rico Tzschichholz ()
vulkan-tools Rico Tzschichholz ()
yasm 1.3.0 Doug McMahon ()
zimg 2.9.3-1~focal Doug McMahon ()
zimg 2.9.1-1~bionic Doug McMahon ()
142 of 42 results

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