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Name Uploaded to Version When Failures
userdir-ldap userdir-ldap - Ubuntu Focal 0.3.11.IS.PATCHED.20.04.12 None
handbrake Backports - Ubuntu Eoan 1:1.3.1-zhb-1ppa1~eoan6 None
handbrake Backports - Ubuntu Bionic 1:1.3.1-zhb-1ppa1~bionic1 None
handbrake Backports - Ubuntu Focal 1:1.3.1-zhb-1ppa1~focal1 None
ntopng Backports - Ubuntu Xenial 3.2+dfsg1-1~ None
lwt Backports - Ubuntu Trusty 2.7.1-4ubuntu1~14.04.0 None
spice Backports - Ubuntu Xenial 0.12.6-4ubuntu0.3~ppa1 None
nextcloud-client Backports - Ubuntu Xenial 2.3.2-20170823.130651~xenial1~moon127 None