Maintained Packages

112 of 12 results
Name Uploaded to Version When Failures
xiterm+thai Ubuntu Eoan 1.10-2build1 None
ipset Debian Sid 6.29-1 None
slowhttptest Debian Sid 1.6-1 None
flvmeta Debian Sid 1.1.2-1 None
ipset Debian Experimental 6.18-2 None
flvmeta Debian Experimental 1.1.0-1 None
xiterm+thai Debian Sid 1.10-2 None
xiterm+thai Ubuntu Precise 1.09-4 None
flvmeta Ubuntu Oneiric 1.0.11-1 None
xiterm+thai Ubuntu Lucid 1.09-3 None
xiterm+thai Debian Lenny 1.09-1 None
xiterm+thai Ubuntu Intrepid 1.09-1 None
112 of 12 results