Old legacy python2 stuff for 20.04 LTS (focal)

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Packages in this repository are provided without any warranty.
They were compiled from their original source code from previous Ubuntu versions.
Use these packages at your own risk.


Adding this PPA to your system

You can update your system with unsupported packages from this untrusted PPA by adding ppa:nrbrtx/python2-stuff to your system's Software Sources. (Read about installing)

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:nrbrtx/python2-stuff
sudo apt update
Technical details about this PPA

This PPA can be added to your system manually by copying the lines below and adding them to your system's software sources.

deb https://ppa.launchpadcontent.net/nrbrtx/python2-stuff/ubuntu focal main 
deb-src https://ppa.launchpadcontent.net/nrbrtx/python2-stuff/ubuntu focal main 
Signing key:
4096R/E756285F30DB2B2BB35012E219BFCAF5168D33A9 (What is this?)

For questions and bugs with software in this PPA please contact Norbert.

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Overview of published packages

175 of 108 results
Package Version Uploaded by
4digits 1.1.4-0~6~ubuntu14.04.1 Norbert ()
agtl Norbert ()
apoo 2.2-0~9~ubuntu14.04.1 Norbert ()
beautifulsoup 3.2.1-0~201206170417~ubuntu18.04.1 Norbert ()
bluewho 0.1-0~2~ubuntu14.04.1 Norbert ()
ccontrol 1.0-0~4~ubuntu14.04.1 Norbert ()
chirp 0.3.1-0~5~ubuntu14.04.1 Norbert ()
classmate-tools 0.2-0~12~ubuntu14.04.1 Norbert ()
configobj 4.7.2+ds-0~14~ubuntu14.04.1 (Newer version available) Norbert ()
d-rats 0.3.3-0~5~ubuntu14.04.1 Norbert ()
diffuse 0.4.7-0~13~ubuntu14.04.1 Norbert ()
directoryassistant 2.0-0~5~ubuntu14.04.1 Norbert ()
driconf 0.9.1-0~8~ubuntu14.04.1 Norbert ()
egenix-mx-base 3.2.9-0~201510242211~ubuntu18.04.1 Norbert ()
elib.intl 0.0.3~git20110809-0~3~ubuntu14.04.1 Norbert ()
eyed3 0.6.18-0~11~ubuntu14.04.1 (Newer version available) Norbert ()
fceux 2.2.1+dfsg0-0~3~ubuntu14.04.1 (Newer version available) Norbert ()
ffrenzy 1.0.2~svn20070530-0~5~ubuntu14.04.1 Norbert ()
fpconst 0.7.2-0~4~ubuntu14.04.1 Norbert ()
fslint 2.45-0~269~ubuntu18.04.1 Norbert ()
furiusisomount Norbert ()
gespeaker 0.8.2-0~5~ubuntu14.04.1 Norbert ()
geximon 0.7.7-0~6~ubuntu14.04.1 Norbert ()
gextractwinicons 0.3.1-0~3~ubuntu14.04.1 Norbert ()
gisomount 1.0.1-0~4~ubuntu14.04.1 Norbert ()
globs 0.2.0~svn50-0~5~ubuntu14.04.1 Norbert ()
gmail-notify Norbert ()
gmountiso 0.4-0~6~ubuntu14.04.1 Norbert ()
gnome-vfs 2.24.4-0~36~ubuntu14.04.1 Norbert ()
gourmet 0.17.4-0~201802252232~ubuntu18.04.1 Norbert ()
gquilt 0.25-0~13~ubuntu14.04.1 Norbert ()
gresistor 0.0.1-0~4~ubuntu14.04.1 Norbert ()
gst-python1.0 1.2.0-0~3~ubuntu18.04.1 (Newer version available) Norbert ()
gtg 0.3.1-0~19~ubuntu14.04.1 Norbert ()
gtk-recordmydesktop 0.3.8-0~19~ubuntu14.04.1 Norbert ()
gtklick 0.6.4-0~6~ubuntu14.04.1 Norbert ()
gwakeonlan 0.5.1-0~5~ubuntu14.04.1 Norbert ()
jack 3.1.1+cvs20050801-0~9~ubuntu14.04.1 Norbert ()
jack-mixer 9-0~6~ubuntu14.04.1 Norbert ()
keepnote 0.7.8-0~3~ubuntu14.04.1 Norbert ()
key-mon 1.17-0~7~ubuntu14.04.1 Norbert ()
kiwi 1.9.22-0~18~ubuntu14.04.1 Norbert ()
libbonobo 2.32.1-0~48~ubuntu14.04.1 Norbert ()
libbonoboui 2.24.5-0~40~ubuntu14.04.1 Norbert ()
libgnome 2.32.1-0~78~ubuntu14.04.1 Norbert ()
libgnomeui 2.24.5-0~17~ubuntu14.04.1 Norbert ()
liblarch 2.1.2-really2.1.0~3~ubuntu14.04.1 Norbert ()
libxslt 1.1.29-0~201711152240~ubuntu18.04.1 (Newer version available) Norbert ()
liquidsoap 1.1.1-0~43~ubuntu14.04.1 (Newer version available) Norbert ()
lottanzb 0.6-0~9~ubuntu14.04.1 Norbert ()
magicor 1.1-0~8~ubuntu14.04.1 Norbert ()
mirage Norbert ()
monkeysign 1.1-0~5~ubuntu14.04.1 Norbert ()
mutagen 1.38-0~201708081036~ubuntu18.04.1 (Newer version available) Norbert ()
nautilus-compare 0.0.4+po1-0~4~ubuntu14.04.1 Norbert ()
nicotine 1.2.16+dfsg-0~13~ubuntu14.04.1 Norbert ()
nmap 7.60-0~201804161209~ubuntu18.04.1 (Newer version available) Norbert ()
notify-python 0.1.1-0~21~ubuntu18.04.1 Norbert ()
nut 2.7.4-0~201711151623~ubuntu18.04.1 (Newer version available) Norbert ()
nxt-python 2.2.2-0~5~ubuntu14.04.1 Norbert ()
obmenu 1.0-0~4~ubuntu14.04.1 Norbert ()
orbit2 2.14.19-0~40~ubuntu14.04.1 Norbert ()
prey 0.6.2-0~11~ubuntu14.04.1 Norbert ()
pyalsaaudio 0.7-0~9~ubuntu14.04.1 (Newer version available) Norbert ()
pyao 0.82-0~22~ubuntu14.04.1 (Newer version available) Norbert ()
pyenchant 1.6.6-0~201409160421~ubuntu16.04.1 (Newer version available) Norbert ()
pygtk 2.24.0-0~201711230314~ubuntu18.04.1 Norbert ()
pygtkspellcheck 3.0-0~3~ubuntu14.04.1 (Newer version available) Norbert ()
pyliblo 0.9.1-0~9~ubuntu14.04.1 (Newer version available) Norbert ()
pymad 0.7-0~12~ubuntu14.04.1 (Newer version available) Norbert ()
pyneighborhood 0.5.1-0~9~ubuntu14.04.1 Norbert ()
pyorbit 2.24.0-0~24~ubuntu14.04.1 Norbert ()
pyscrabble 1.6.2-0~10~ubuntu14.04.1 Norbert ()
pyserial 3.4-0~201804091641~ubuntu18.04.1 (Newer version available) Norbert ()
python-apptools 4.1.0-0~14~ubuntu14.04.1 (Newer version available) Norbert ()
175 of 108 results

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  • liblarch 211 weeks ago
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  • eyed3 211 weeks ago
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  • jack 211 weeks ago
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