Maintained Packages

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Name Uploaded to Version When Failures
gce-compute-image-packages Ubuntu Trusty 20160930-0ubuntu6~14.04.0 None
gce-compute-image-packages Ubuntu Xenial 20160930-0ubuntu6~16.04.0 None
gce-compute-image-packages Ubuntu Yakkety 20160930-0ubuntu6~16.10.0 None
gce-compute-image-packages Ubuntu Zesty 20160930-0ubuntu6 None
configobj Debian Sid 4.7.2+ds-4 None
python-git Debian Sid 0.3.2~RC1-1 None
configobj Ubuntu Precise 4.7.2+ds-3build1 None
libxmpp-php Ubuntu Oneiric 0~svn53-1.1ubuntu1 None
configobj Ubuntu Oneiric 4.7.2+ds-3 None
configobj Ubuntu Natty 4.7.2+ds-2 None
python-django-tinymce Ubuntu Natty 1.5-3 None
python-django-tinymce Debian Sid 1.5-3 None
json-py Ubuntu Maverick 3.4-5 i386
configobj Ubuntu Maverick 4.7.2+ds-1 None
configobj Ubuntu Lucid 4.7.1-1 None
libxmpp-php Ubuntu Lucid 0~svn53-1.1 None
libxmpp-php Debian Sid 0~svn53-1.1 None
python-whoosh Ubuntu Lucid 0.3.2-1 None
python-whoosh Debian Sid 0.3.2-1 None
python-whoosh Debian Experimental 0.3.~0b24-1 None
python-whoosh Debian Squeeze 0.1.22-1 None
python-whoosh Ubuntu Karmic 0.1.22-1 None
python-django-formfieldset Ubuntu Karmic 0+git20090520-621cb58-1 None
python-django-formfieldset Debian Sid 0+git20090520-621cb58-1 None
python-django-tinymce Ubuntu Karmic 1.5-2 None
python-django-filebrowser Ubuntu Karmic 0+svn322-1 None
python-django-filebrowser Debian Sid 0+svn322-1 None
python-django-contact-form Ubuntu Karmic 0+hg61-2 None
python-django-contact-form Debian Sid 0+hg61-2 None
python-git Ubuntu Jaunty 0.1.6-1 None
configobj Debian Experimental 4.5.3-1 None
ditz Ubuntu Jaunty 0.5-1 None
ditz Debian Sid 0.5-1 None
freeguide Ubuntu Jaunty 0.10.9-1 None
libxmpp-php Ubuntu Jaunty 0~svn53-1 None
liboauth-php Ubuntu Jaunty 0~svn622-1 None
configobj Ubuntu Jaunty 4.5.3-1 None
libmarkdown-php Ubuntu Jaunty 1.0.1m-1 None
pyblosxom Ubuntu Jaunty 1.4.3-1 None
json-py Ubuntu Jaunty 3.4-4 None
angrydd Ubuntu Jaunty 1.0.1-8 None
pyblosxom Debian Sid 1.4.3-1 None
liboauth-php Debian Sid 0~svn622-1 None
libmarkdown-php Debian Sid 1.0.1m-1 None
json-py Debian Sid 3.4-4 None
freeguide Debian Sid 0.10.9-1 None
angrydd Debian Sid 1.0.1-8 None
147 of 47 results