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OpenContrail is a network-virtualization implementation that provides overlay networks to virtual-machines, containers or network namespaces. It implements the OpenStack Neutron API, Amazon EC2 VPC API, CloudStack network and VPC APIs.

The OpenContrail team open to any developer working on the OpenContrail project or in integration with any orchestration systems.

Installation of opencontrail PPA packages and it's integration with devstack can be done using the tool contrail-installer, which is available in github. Please refer to the doc under the following link for user guide for contrail-installer:

Adding this PPA to your system

You can update your system with unsupported packages from this untrusted PPA by adding ppa:opencontrail/ppa to your system's Software Sources. (Read about installing)

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:opencontrail/ppa
sudo apt-get update
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4096R/F04D4FBCA09579F7599A2A3716BD83506839FE77 (What is this?)


  • Gradle (included on 2015-09-21)

For questions and bugs with software in this PPA please contact OpenContrail.

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Overview of published packages

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Package Version Uploaded by
bind9 2:9.9.5.dfsg-1+syseleven4 Martin Gerhard Loschwitz (2014-12-11)
bnxt-en-dkms 1.7.9-contrail4 Jeya ganesh babu J (2018-10-05)
bnxt-en-dkms 1.7.9-contrail~xenial4 Jeya ganesh babu J (2018-10-05)
cassandra-driver 3.0.0-0contrail3 Arvind (2016-01-26)
contrail-dpdk-kernel-modules-dkms 17.2.0~contrail1 Jeya ganesh babu J (2019-01-30)
contrail-go-api 0.0~git099da5f-1 Pedro Marques (2014-12-11)
docker-py 1.3.0-1contrail1 Ignatious Johnson Christopher (2016-05-06)
docker-py 0.6.0-1contrail1 ted ghose (2014-12-17)
expat 2.1.0-4contrail1 Sebastien Badia (2014-05-02)
golang-uuid 0.0~hg14-1 Pedro Marques (2014-12-11)
hiredis 0.11.0-3+syseleven5 Martin Gerhard Loschwitz (2014-12-11)
i40e-dkms 2.0.19-contrail4 Jeya ganesh babu J (2018-10-05)
i40e-dkms 2.0.19-contrail~xenial4 Jeya ganesh babu J (2018-10-05)
ifmap-server Pedro Marques (2014-09-05)
ifmap-server Sebastien Badia (2014-06-17)
kafka 2.11- Arvind (2017-12-04)
kafka 2.11- Arvind (2016-02-25)
kafka 2.11- Arvind (2016-02-25)
kazoo 1.3.1-1contrail3 Ignatious Johnson Christopher (2016-04-28)
kazoo 1.3.1-1contrail2 Sebastien Badia (2014-05-05)
libipfix 1:0.8.2-1 Filip Pytloun (2015-09-28)
libipfix 1:0.8.2-1~precise1 Filip Pytloun (2015-09-28)
librdkafka 0.11.0-0contrail1 Arvind (2017-08-21)
librdkafka 0.11.0-0contrail0 Arvind (2017-08-19)
librdkafka 0.9.0-0contrail0 Arvind (2016-02-25)
lxml 3.3.1-1contrail1 Sebastien Badia (2014-05-02)
neutron-plugin-contrail 1.20~20141023 Ashish Ranjan (2014-10-23)
nodejs 0.10.35-1contrail1 Sebastien Badia (2016-10-04)
nodejs 0.8.15-1contrail1 Sebastien Badia (2014-05-17)
pycassa 1.11.0-1contrail2 Sebastien Badia (2014-09-04)
pycassa 1.11.0-1contrail2 Sebastien Badia (2014-05-03)
pydbus 0.7.0-0contrail0 Arvind (2017-02-03)
python-backports.ssl-match-hostname Sebastien Badia (2014-09-05)
python-backports.ssl-match-hostname Sebastien Badia (2014-05-02)
python-bitarray 0.8.0-2contrail1 Sebastien Badia (2014-05-02)
python-bottle 0.11.6-1contrail2 Sebastien Badia (2014-05-02)
python-bottle-cork 0.11.1-1contrail2 Nitish Krishna Kaveri (2017-10-23)
python-cassandra-driver 2.5.1-0contrail2 Arvind (2015-06-10)
python-cassandra-driver 2.5.1-0contrail0 Arvind (2015-06-04)
python-certifi 1.0.1-1contrail1 Sebastien Badia (2014-09-05)
python-certifi 1.0.1-1contrail1 Sebastien Badia (2014-05-02)
python-concurrent.futures 3.0.2-0contrail0 Arvind (2015-06-10)
python-consistent-hash 1.0-0contrail1 Arvind (2015-03-03)
python-consistent-hash 1.0-0contrail1 Arvind (2015-03-03)
python-fysom 1.0.8-1+syseleven1 Martin Gerhard Loschwitz (2014-12-11)
python-geventhttpclient 1.3.1-1contrail0 Arvind (2017-01-13)
python-geventhttpclient 1.1.0-1contrail1 Sebastien Badia (2014-05-02)
python-geventhttpclient 1.0a-1contrail0 Arvind (2017-02-20)
python-ifmap 0.1-1+syseleven2 Martin Gerhard Loschwitz (2014-12-11)
python-kafka 1.0.2-0contrail0 Arvind (2017-06-05)
python-kafka 1.0.2-0contrail0 Arvind (2017-06-05)
python-kafka 1.0.1-0contrail0 Arvind (2016-02-29)
python-kafka-python 1.0.1-0contrail0 Arvind (2016-02-25)
python-kafka-python 1.0.1-0contrail0 Arvind (2016-02-25)
python-ncclient 0.4.1-1contrail1 Sebastien Badia (2014-09-04)
python-ncclient 0.4.1-1contrail1 Sebastien Badia (2014-05-02)
python-oslo.concurrency 1.4.1-0contrail1 Ignatious Johnson Christopher (2015-06-06)
python-redis 2.8.0-1 ted ghose (2014-09-05)
python-redis 2.8.0-1 ted ghose (2014-06-01)
python-sseclient 0.0.11-0contrail0 Sundaresan Rajangam (2016-03-18)
python-sseclient 0.0.11-0contrail0 Sundaresan Rajangam (2016-03-17)
python-thrift 0.9.0-1contrail1 Sebastien Badia (2014-05-02)
python-urllib3 1.5-0contrail1 Sebastien Badia (2014-05-02)
python-xmltodict 0.9.0-1contrail1 Sebastien Badia (2014-09-04)
python-xmltodict 0.9.0-1contrail1 Sebastien Badia (2014-05-02)
rapidjson 0.11-1+syseleven2 Martin Gerhard Loschwitz (2014-12-11)
requests 1.1.0-1contrail1 Sebastien Badia (2014-05-02)
six 1.2.0-1contrail1 Sebastien Badia (2014-05-02)
stevedore 0.14.1-1contrail4 Sebastien Badia (2014-05-02)
stevedore 0.14.1-1contrail4 Sebastien Badia (2014-05-02)
thrift 0.8.0-2+syseleven6 Martin Gerhard Loschwitz (2014-12-11)
171 of 71 results

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  • contrail-dpdk-kernel-modules-dkms 76 weeks ago
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  • bnxt-en-dkms 93 weeks ago
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  • i40e-dkms 93 weeks ago
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