Team participation for Raoul Snyman

Raoul Snyman is a member of the following teams:

Team Joined Role Via Mailing List
Arizona LoCo Team 2016-12-14 Member
BibleTime Team 2010-01-15 Member
Buttrfly Core 2011-02-22 Owner
ColourTerm Developers 2013-12-05 Owner
IoSQL Core Developers 2011-06-26 Owner
Iterum Core Developers 2016-10-27 Member
Iterum Developers 2016-10-27 Member
Lucid LoCo Drupal Theme Developers 2010-05-04 Owner
OpenLP Android Developers 2011-03-09 Owner Subscribed
OpenLP Core 2009-03-10 Owner Subscribed
OpenLP Development 2009-03-10 Owner Subscribed
OpenLP Documentation Team 2011-05-08 Owner
OpenLP Release Technicians 2013-03-18 Admin
Planet Ubuntu Member Ubuntu Members
Project HQ Core 2010-04-22 Owner
ScribeEngine Core Team 2010-01-15 Owner
ScribeEngine Developers 2010-01-21 Owner
South African Ubuntu team 2008-09-28 Admin
US Teams Project Member Arizona LoCo Team
Ubuntu Africa 2015-04-12 Admin Subscribed
Ubuntu Africa Site Developers 2015-02-13 Owner
Ubuntu Egypt LoCo Member Ubuntu Africa
Ubuntu Local Community Teams Member Ubuntu Egypt LoCo, Ubuntu Africa
Ubuntu Members 2015-02-05 Member
Ubuntu Moroccan Users Member Ubuntu Africa
Ubuntu-ZA Developers 2014-12-19 Owner
Users of the Ubuntu Etherpad instance Member Ubuntu Members
Verified LoCo Teams Member Arizona LoCo Team