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Name Uploaded to Version When Failures
openjdk-7 Ubuntu Vivid 7u91-2.6.3-0ubuntu0.15.04.1 2015-11-25 None
openjdk-7 Ubuntu Wily 7u91-2.6.3-0ubuntu0.15.10.1 2015-11-25 None
openjdk-7 Ubuntu Trusty 7u91-2.6.3-0ubuntu0.14.04.1 2015-11-25 None
xen Ubuntu Vivid 4.5.0-1ubuntu4.3 2015-11-10 None
xen Ubuntu Wily 4.5.1-0ubuntu1.1 2015-11-10 None
xen Ubuntu Trusty 4.4.2-0ubuntu0.14.04.3 2015-11-10 None
openjdk-8 Ubuntu Wily 8u66-b17-1 2015-10-28 None
openjdk-7 Ubuntu Precise 7u85-2.6.1-5ubuntu0.12.04.1 2015-10-28 None
miniupnpc Ubuntu Wily 1.9.20140610-2ubuntu2 2015-10-23 None
miniupnpc Ubuntu Trusty 1.6-3ubuntu2.14.04.2 2015-10-20 None
miniupnpc Ubuntu Vivid 1.9.20140610-2ubuntu1.1 2015-10-20 None
miniupnpc Ubuntu Precise 1.6-3ubuntu1.2 2015-10-20 None
gdk-pixbuf Ubuntu Trusty 2.30.7-0ubuntu1.2 2015-10-13 None
gdk-pixbuf Ubuntu Vivid 2.31.3-1ubuntu0.2 2015-10-13 None
gdk-pixbuf Ubuntu Precise 2.26.1-1ubuntu1.3 2015-10-13 None
lxc Ubuntu Trusty 1.0.7-0ubuntu0.7 2015-10-05 None
wireshark Ubuntu Vivid 1.12.1+g01b65bf-4+deb8u3build0.15.04.1 2015-10-02 None
simplestreams Ubuntu Trusty 0.1.0~bzr341-0ubuntu2.2 2015-09-24 None
simplestreams Ubuntu Vivid 0.1.0~bzr354-0ubuntu1.15.04.1 2015-09-24 None
inspircd Ubuntu Trusty 2.0.5-1+deb7u1build0.14.04.1 2015-09-23 None
owncloud-client Ubuntu Vivid 1.7.0~beta1+really1.6.4+dfsg-1+deb8u1build0.15.04.1 2015-09-22 None
request-tracker4 Ubuntu Vivid 4.2.8-3+deb8u1build0.15.04.1 2015-09-22 None
vlc Ubuntu Wily 2.2.1-3 2015-08-23 None
teeworlds Ubuntu Trusty 0.6.2+dfsg-2~build0.14.04.1 2015-08-20 ppc64el
openjdk-6 Ubuntu Trusty 6b36-1.13.8-0ubuntu1~14.04 2015-08-06 None
openjdk-6 Ubuntu Vivid 6b36-1.13.8-0ubuntu1~15.04.1 2015-08-06 None
openjdk-6 Ubuntu Precise 6b36-1.13.8-0ubuntu1~12.04 2015-08-06 None
stunnel4 Ubuntu Vivid 3:5.06-2+deb8u1build0.15.04.1 2015-07-03 None
p7zip Ubuntu Trusty 9.20.1~dfsg.1-4+deb7u1build0.14.04.1 2015-07-01 None
p7zip Ubuntu Vivid 9.20.1~dfsg.1-4.1+deb8u1build0.15.04.1 2015-07-01 None
p7zip Ubuntu Precise 9.20.1~dfsg.1-4+deb7u1build0.12.04.1 2015-07-01 None
p7zip Ubuntu Utopic 9.20.1~dfsg.1-4.1+deb8u1build0.14.10.1 2015-07-01 None
jackrabbit Ubuntu Trusty 2.3.6-1+deb8u1build0.14.04.1 2015-07-01 None
jackrabbit Ubuntu Vivid 2.3.6-1+deb8u1build0.15.04.1 2015-07-01 None
jackrabbit Ubuntu Utopic 2.3.6-1+deb8u1build0.14.10.1 2015-07-01 None
drupal7 Ubuntu Vivid 7.32-1+deb8u4build0.15.04.1 2015-07-01 None
drupal7 Ubuntu Utopic 7.32-1+deb8u4build0.14.10.1 2015-07-01 None
cacti Ubuntu Vivid 0.8.8b+dfsg-8+deb8u1build0.15.04.1 2015-07-01 None
cacti Ubuntu Utopic 0.8.8b+dfsg-8+deb8u1build0.14.10.1 2015-07-01 None
cacti Ubuntu Trusty 0.8.8b+dfsg-5ubuntu0.1 2015-07-01 None
libcrypto++ Ubuntu Trusty 5.6.1-6+deb8u1build0.14.04.1 2015-06-30 None
libcrypto++ Ubuntu Vivid 5.6.1-6+deb8u1build0.15.04.1 2015-06-30 None
libcrypto++ Ubuntu Utopic 5.6.1-6+deb8u1build0.14.10.1 2015-06-30 None
libapache-mod-jk Ubuntu Vivid 1:1.2.37-4+deb8u1build0.15.04.1 2015-06-04 None
zeromq3 Ubuntu Vivid 4.0.5+dfsg-2+deb8u1build0.15.04.1 2015-06-01 None
super Ubuntu Trusty 3.30.0-6+deb7u1build0.14.04.1 2015-05-14 None
super Ubuntu Precise 3.30.0-6+deb7u1build0.12.04.1 2015-05-14 None
extplorer Ubuntu Trusty 2.1.0b6+dfsg.3-4+deb7u1~build0.14.04.1 2015-05-14 None
websvn Ubuntu Trusty 2.3.3-1.1+deb7u1build0.14.04.1 2015-05-14 None
websvn Ubuntu Utopic 2.3.3-1.1+deb7u1build0.14.10.1 2015-05-14 None
dulwich Ubuntu Precise 0.8.5-2+deb7u2build0.12.04.1 2015-05-14 None
torque Ubuntu Precise 2.4.16+dfsg-1+deb7u4build0.12.04.1 2015-05-14 None
arj Ubuntu Precise 3.10.22-10+deb7u1build0.12.04.1 2015-05-13 None
pound Ubuntu Vivid 2.6-6+deb8u1build0.15.04.1 2015-05-13 None
elasticsearch Ubuntu Vivid 1.0.3+dfsg-5+deb8u1build0.15.04.1 2015-05-13 None
a2ps Ubuntu Precise 1:4.14-1.1+deb7u1build0.12.04.1 2015-05-13 None
xbuffy Ubuntu Trusty 2015-05-13 None
xbuffy Ubuntu Precise 2015-05-13 None
checkpw Ubuntu Trusty 1.02-1+deb6u1build0.14.04.1 2015-05-12 None
checkpw Ubuntu Precise 1.02-1+deb6u1build0.12.04.1 2015-05-12 None
checkpw Ubuntu Utopic 1.02-1+deb6u1build0.14.10.1 2015-05-12 None
unrtf Ubuntu Precise 0.19.3-1.1+deb6u1build0.12.04.1 2015-05-12 None
heirloom-mailx Ubuntu Trusty 12.5-2+deb7u1build0.14.04.1 2015-05-12 None
heirloom-mailx Ubuntu Utopic 12.5-2+deb7u1build0.14.10.1 2015-05-12 None
unrar-nonfree Ubuntu Trusty 1:5.0.10-1ubuntu0.14.04.1 2015-05-05 None
unrar-nonfree Ubuntu Precise 1:4.0.3-1ubuntu0.1 2015-05-05 None
unrar-nonfree Ubuntu Utopic 1:5.0.10-1ubuntu0.14.10.1 2015-05-05 None
quassel Ubuntu Utopic 0.10.1-0ubuntu1.2 2015-05-04 None
quassel Ubuntu Trusty 0.10.0-0ubuntu2.2 2015-05-04 None
openjdk-6 Ubuntu Lucid 6b35-1.13.7-1ubuntu0.10.04.2 2015-04-21 sparc
openjdk-6 Ubuntu Utopic 6b35-1.13.7-1ubuntu0.14.10.1 2015-04-21 None
openjdk-7 Ubuntu Utopic 7u79-2.5.5-0ubuntu0.14.10.2 2015-04-21 None
wireshark Ubuntu Utopic 1.12.1+g01b65bf-2~ubuntu14.10.3 2015-04-07 None
freexl Ubuntu Trusty 1.0.0g-1ubuntu0.14.04.1 2015-04-06 None
freexl Ubuntu Utopic 1.0.0g-1ubuntu0.14.10.1 2015-04-06 None
175 of 139 results