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Some packages that absent in main Ubuntu repos or backported:
- opensslXXXr - for php-mod-openssl different versions
- libvpx1 (xenial) - for php-5.4
- mysql-5.5 (xenial) - libmysqlclient16 for php 4.4-5.4
- pcre3 - for php, build without stack recursion
- geoip-database - full set of latest GeoIP-lite v1 databases
- icu - updated internal TZ data, for 52.1 fixed cyrillic plural code

== Attention! ==

Updated symbols in libssl102r!
Dependant packages may fail to run!
Wait till these packages will be rebuilded: php54, php55, php56, php-mod-mongodb, php7-mod-stomp.

Precise packages removed.

Beware! Precise is obsolete and packages will not be updated!
For Precise packages follow

Beware! Lucid is obsolete and packages will not be updated!
For Lucid packages follow

== Changes ==

Start testing armhf + arm64 toolchain and rebuild packages.

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sudo apt update
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1024R/E2191A3374CEFC7A5AD07D05CD44D3EE9CE1C29A (What is this?)


For questions and bugs with software in this PPA please contact SergeyD.

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175 of 259 results
Package Version Uploaded by
amule 1:2.3.2-5sergeyd1~xenial1 SergeyD ()
apt-cacher-ng 3.1-1sergeyd1~xenial1 SergeyD ()
apt-cacher-ng 3.1-1sergeyd1~trusty1 SergeyD ()
apt-cacher-ng 3.1-1sergeyd1~bionic1 SergeyD ()
argon2 0~20161029-1sergeyd1~xenial1 SergeyD ()
argon2 0~20161029-1sergeyd1~trusty1 SergeyD ()
aria2 1.35.0-2sergeyd1.1~18.04.1 SergeyD ()
aria2 1.35.0-2sergeyd1.1~16.04.1 SergeyD ()
aria2 1.35.0-2sergeyd1.1~14.04.1 SergeyD ()
brotli 1.0.9-2sergeyd2.1~16.04.1 SergeyD ()
brotli 1.0.9-2sergeyd2.1~14.04.1 SergeyD ()
brotli 1.0.9-2sergeyd2~20.04.1 SergeyD ()
brotli 1.0.9-2sergeyd2~18.04.1 SergeyD ()
cjson 1.7.14-1sergeyd1~20.04.1 SergeyD ()
cjson 1.7.14-1sergeyd1~18.04.1 SergeyD ()
cjson 1.7.14-1sergeyd1~16.04.1 SergeyD ()
comix 4.0.17-1sergey5~xenial1 SergeyD ()
comix 4.0.17-1sergey5~trusty1 SergeyD ()
comix 4.0.17-1sergey5~bionic1 SergeyD ()
curl 7.35.0-1ubuntu2.20sergeyd1~14.04.1 SergeyD ()
db4.8 4.8.30-12sergeyd3~20.04.1 SergeyD ()
db4.8 4.8.30-12sergeyd3~18.04.1 SergeyD ()
db4.8 4.8.30-12sergeyd3~16.04.1 SergeyD ()
db4.8 4.8.30-12sergeyd3~14.04.1 SergeyD ()
debian-archive-keyring 2017.5~deb8u1sergeyd1~xenial1 SergeyD ()
debian-archive-keyring 2017.5~deb8u1sergeyd1~trusty1 SergeyD ()
debianutils 4.7-1sergeyd1~trusty1 SergeyD ()
debootstrap 1.0.116ubuntu2sergeyd4.3~20.04.1 (Newer version available) SergeyD ()
debootstrap 1.0.116ubuntu2sergeyd4.3~18.04.1 SergeyD ()
debootstrap 1.0.116ubuntu2sergeyd4.3~16.04.1 SergeyD ()
debootstrap 1.0.116ubuntu2sergeyd4.3~14.04.1 SergeyD ()
doxygen 1.8.11-1sergeyd1~trusty1 SergeyD ()
enchant-1 1.6.0-11.1sergeyd1.2~22.04.1 SergeyD ()
exim4 4.94.2-6sergeyd1~20.04.1 SergeyD ()
exim4 4.94.2-6sergeyd1~18.04.1 SergeyD ()
exim4 4.90.1-1ubuntu1.8sergeyd1~16.04.1 SergeyD ()
exim4 4.90.1-1ubuntu1.8sergeyd1~14.04.1 SergeyD ()
filezilla 3.46.3-1sergeyd1~18.04.1 SergeyD ()
filezilla 3.28.0-1sergeyd2~16.04.1 SergeyD ()
filezilla SergeyD ()
fio 3.16-1sergeyd1~xenial1 SergeyD ()
fio 3.16-1sergeyd1~trusty1 SergeyD ()
fio 3.16-1sergeyd1~bionic1 SergeyD ()
geoip-database 20220517-1sergeyd7~22.04.1 SergeyD ()
geoip-database 20220517-1sergeyd7~20.04.1 SergeyD ()
geoip-database 20220517-1sergeyd7~18.04.1 SergeyD ()
geoip-database 20220517-1sergeyd7~16.04.1 SergeyD ()
geoip-database 20220517-1sergeyd7~14.04.1 SergeyD ()
gifsicle 1.93-2sergeyd1~20.04.1 SergeyD ()
gifsicle 1.93-2sergeyd1~18.04.1 SergeyD ()
gifsicle 1.93-2sergeyd1~16.04.1 SergeyD ()
gifsicle 1.93-2sergeyd1~14.04.1 SergeyD ()
git 1:2.36.1-1sergeyd3.6~22.04.1 SergeyD ()
git 1:2.36.1-1sergeyd3.6~20.04.1 SergeyD ()
git 1:2.36.1-1sergeyd3.6~18.04.1 SergeyD ()
git 1:2.36.1-1sergeyd3.6~16.04.1 SergeyD ()
git 1:2.36.1-1sergeyd3.6~14.04.1 SergeyD ()
gnome-keyring 3.16.0-0ubuntu1sergey1~trusty1 SergeyD ()
gzip 1.12-1sergeyd1~22.04.1 SergeyD ()
gzip 1.12-1sergeyd1~20.04.1 SergeyD ()
gzip 1.12-1sergeyd1~18.04.1 SergeyD ()
gzip 1.12-1sergeyd1~16.04.1 SergeyD ()
gzip 1.12-1sergeyd1~14.04.1 SergeyD ()
hashcat 5.1.0+ds1-2sergeyd1~18.04.1 SergeyD ()
hashcat 5.1.0+ds1-2sergeyd1~16.04.1 SergeyD ()
htop 3.0.5-1sergeyd2~20.04.1 SergeyD ()
htop 3.0.5-1sergeyd2~18.04.1 SergeyD ()
htop 3.0.5-1sergeyd2~16.04.1 SergeyD ()
htop 3.0.5-1sergeyd2~14.04.1 SergeyD ()
htop2 2.2.0-1sergeyd2.2~20.04.1 SergeyD ()
htop2 2.2.0-1sergeyd2.2~18.04.1 SergeyD ()
htop2 2.2.0-1sergeyd2.2~16.04.1 SergeyD ()
htop2 2.2.0-1sergeyd2.2~14.04.1 SergeyD ()
icu 52.1+svn20131008-10sergeyd5tz2018e~trusty1 SergeyD ()
icu57r 57.1-6+deb9u5sergeyd3.5~22.04.1 SergeyD ()
175 of 259 results

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  • openssl111r 3 hours 50 minutes ago
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  • geoip-database 7 hours 50 minutes ago
    Successfully built
  • geoip-database 8 hours 30 minutes ago
    Successfully built
  • geoip-database 8 hours 30 minutes ago
    Successfully built