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Name Uploaded to Version When Failures
plocate Debian Sid 1.1.12-1 None
nageru Ubuntu Impish 2.0.2-1ubuntu1 None
nageru Debian Sid 2.0.2-1 ppc64el armhf arm64 amd64
plocate Ubuntu Hirsute 1.1.3-1build1 None
libwww-csrf-perl Debian Sid 1.00-1.1 None
pkgsync Debian Sid 1.27+nmu1 None
libapreq2 Ubuntu Hirsute 2.13-7build1 None
cubemap Debian Sid 1.4.3-2 None
nageru Ubuntu Groovy 2.0.1-1build2 None
bmusb Debian Sid 0.7.5-1 None

PPA packages

3 packages
Name Uploaded to Version When Failures
wpa Pantobuntu tools - Ubuntu Trusty 2.3-2.1 None
snappy hadoop - Ubuntu Natty 1.0.3-1 None