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Test packages of GNOME 40. Definitely NOT official. Should be as close to upstream release as possible, except when Debian/Ubuntu patches can still apply.

WARNING: GNOME 40 is not yet officially supported in Hirsute Hippo. This PPA is just for testing. It breaks sometimes, especially when I'm upgrading the packages.

Note: Make sure to use GDM GNOME session and not Ubuntu since Yaru theme is not yet updated for GNOME 40. So make sure you install gnome-session if the GNOME session in GDM is not showing up.

Installing packages after adding this PPA:
1. Install gnome-session:
   sudo apt install gnome-session -y
2. Upgrade the rest:
   sudo apt upgrade -y
3. Reboot
4. Click your username then the gear icon to select GNOME or
   GNOME on Xorg session.
Note: You might want to install fonts-cantarell too, to make the font weights correct.

Upgrading to Ubuntu 21.10 and removing this repository
I recommend doing a ppa-purge ppa:shemgp/gnome-40 before upgrading to impish as there are packages with higher version than impish ones and there's huge possibility that you will get a non-functioning GUI.

Fixing problems when upgrading to Ubuntu 21.10 before doing a ppa-purge
Here's what you can to if you upgraded before ppa-purging:

sudo apt update
sudo apt upgrade -y
sudo apt install aptitude -y
dpkg --get-selections > selections
aptitude reinstall '~i' 2>&1 | grep ^E.*Can.*download | grep -v grep | grep -v libpcre3 | grep -v apt | grep -v xargs | grep -v aptitude | awk 'BEGIN {FS="of "}; {print $2}' | tr -d "'" | cut -d: -f 1 | xargs sudo apt remove -y
sudo dpkg --clear-selections
sudo dpkg --set-selections < selections
sudo apt-get --reinstall dselect-upgrade
sudo apt install ubuntu-desktop ubuntu-minimal firefox -y

Adding this PPA to your system

You can update your system with unsupported packages from this untrusted PPA by adding ppa:shemgp/gnome-40 to your system's Software Sources. (Read about installing)

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:shemgp/gnome-40
sudo apt update
Technical details about this PPA

This PPA can be added to your system manually by copying the lines below and adding them to your system's software sources.

deb hirsute main 
deb-src hirsute main 
Signing key:
1024R/63E7F399F8A476514BA06E1D5A120BFCE2F028D4 (What is this?)

For questions and bugs with software in this PPA please contact shemgp.

PPA statistics

0 updates added during the past month.
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Overview of published packages

175 of 83 results
Package Version Uploaded by
adwaita-icon-theme 40.1.1-0shemgpubuntu2 shemgp ()
at-spi2-core 2.40.3-0shemgpubuntu2 shemgp ()
baobab 40.stable0-0shemgpubuntu3 shemgp ()
dconf 0.40.0-1shemgpubuntu4 shemgp ()
eog 40.2-0shemgpubuntu2 shemgp ()
evolution 3.41.2-0shemgpubuntu2 shemgp ()
evolution-data-server 3.41.2-0shemgpubuntu2 shemgp ()
file-roller 3.40.0-0shemgpubuntu2 shemgp ()
folks 0.15.3-0shemgpubuntu2 shemgp ()
gdk-pixbuf 2.42.6-0shemgpubuntu8 shemgp ()
gdm3 40.0-0shemgpubuntu4 shemgp ()
geary 40.0-0shemgpubuntu1 shemgp ()
gedit 40.1-0shemgpubuntu3 shemgp ()
gedit-plugins 40.1-0ubuntu3 shemgp ()
gi-docgen 2021.7-0shemgpubuntu2 shemgp ()
gjs 1.69.2-0shemgpubuntu3 shemgp ()
glib-networking 2.68.1-0shemgpubuntu3 shemgp ()
glib2.0 2.69.0-0shemgpubuntu2 shemgp ()
gnome-autoar 0.4.0-0shemgpubuntu2 shemgp ()
gnome-backgrounds 40.1-0shemgpubuntu2 shemgp ()
gnome-books 40.0-0shemgpubuntu2 shemgp ()
gnome-boxes 40.2-0shemgpubuntu2 shemgp ()
gnome-calendar 40.2-0shemgpubuntu2 shemgp ()
gnome-clocks 40.0-0shemgpubuntu2 shemgp ()
gnome-contacts 40.0-0shemgpubuntu2 shemgp ()
gnome-control-center 1:40.0-0~shemgpubuntu4 shemgp ()
gnome-desktop3 40.4-0shemgpubuntu2 shemgp ()
gnome-disk-utility 40.2-0shemgpubuntu2 shemgp ()
gnome-initial-setup 40.4-0shemgpubuntu2 shemgp ()
gnome-keyring 40.0-0shemgpubuntu6 shemgp ()
gnome-maps 40.2-0shemgpubuntu2 shemgp ()
gnome-music 40.1.1-0shemgpubuntu3 shemgp ()
gnome-network-displays 0.90.5-0ubuntu2 shemgp ()
gnome-online-accounts 3.40.0-0ubuntu3 shemgp ()
gnome-photos 40.0-0shemgpubuntu2 shemgp ()
gnome-remote-desktop 40.1-0shemgpubuntu2 shemgp ()
gnome-screenshot 40.0-0~shemgpubuntu3 shemgp ()
gnome-session 40.1.1-0ubuntu3 shemgp ()
gnome-settings-daemon 40.0.1-0ubuntu4 shemgp ()
gnome-shell 40.4-0shemgpubuntu2 shemgp ()
gnome-shell-extension-appindicator 36-0~shemgpubuntu2 shemgp ()
gnome-shell-extension-desktop-icons-ng 0.15.0-0shemgpubuntu3 shemgp ()
gnome-shell-extensions 40.4-0shemgpubuntu2 shemgp ()
gnome-software 40.4-0shemgpubuntu2 shemgp ()
gnome-system-monitor 40.0-0~shemgpubuntu3 shemgp ()
gnome-terminal 3.40.3-0shemgpubuntu3 shemgp ()
gnome-todo 40.0-0shemgpubuntu2 shemgp ()
gnome-tweaks 40.0-0shemgpubuntu2 shemgp ()
gnome-user-docs 40.0-0~shemgpubuntu2 shemgp ()
gnome-weather 40.0-0~shemgpubuntu2 shemgp ()
gnote 40.1-0shemgpubuntu2 shemgp ()
gobject-introspection 1.68.0-0~shemgpubuntu3 shemgp ()
grilo-plugins 0.3.13-0shemgpubuntu3 shemgp ()
gsettings-desktop-schemas 40.0-0shemgpubuntu5 shemgp ()
gthumb 3:3.11.4-0shemgpubuntu2 shemgp ()
gtk+3.0 3.24.30-0shemgpubuntu2 shemgp ()
gtk+4.0 4.4.0-0shemgpubuntu2 shemgp ()
gtk-vnc 1.2.0-0shemgpubuntu2 shemgp ()
gvfs 1.48.1-0shemgpubuntu2 shemgp ()
libadwaita-1 0git20210504-0shemgpubuntu1 shemgp ()
libgweather 40.0-0shemgpubuntu4 shemgp ()
libhandy-1 1.3.90-0shemgpubuntu2 shemgp ()
libpeas 1.30.0-0~shemgpubuntu2 shemgp ()
libportal 0.4-0shemgpubuntu2 shemgp ()
libsoup3.0 2.99.9-0shemgpubuntu2 shemgp ()
libvirt-glib 4.0.0-0shemgpubuntu3 shemgp ()
libwnck 1:40.0-1shemgpubuntu6 shemgp ()
meson 0.59.0-1shemgpubuntu1 shemgp ()
mutter 40.3-0shemgpubuntu2 shemgp ()
nautilus 1:40.2-0shemgpubuntu3 shemgp ()
orca 40.0-0ubuntu3~shemgp shemgp ()
pango1.0 1.49.0-0shemgpubuntu2 shemgp ()
pygobject 3.40.0-0ubuntu2~shemgp shemgp ()
rygel 0.40.1-0ubuntu4~shemgp shemgp ()
simple-scan 40.1-0shemgpubuntu2 shemgp ()
175 of 83 results

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  • gtk+4.0 93 weeks ago
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  • gthumb 93 weeks ago
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  • pango1.0 93 weeks ago
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