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Daily builds of the Shimmer Project's projects.

* shimmer-themes - The Shimmer Project's GTK 2/3 themes (Albatross, Blackbird, Bluebird, Greybird, Numix, Orion)
* xubuntu-icon-theme - The Shimmer Project's icon theme, elementary-xfce (-dark, -darker, -darkest)
* gimp-theme-pslike - A theme for GIMP that mimics professional imaging software.
* libreoffice-style-elementary - An icon theme for LibreOffice following the elementary style.

Adding this PPA to your system

You can update your system with unsupported packages from this untrusted PPA by adding ppa:shimmerproject/daily to your system's Software Sources. (Read about installing)

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:shimmerproject/daily
sudo apt-get update
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1024R/424CFC4202CEA4C3FFB06DDAB22918DB685D1580 (What is this?)

For questions and bugs with software in this PPA please contact Shimmer Project.

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0 updates added during the past month.
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Overview of published packages

129 of 29 results
Package Version Uploaded by
elementary-xfce 0.13.1+git-0~943~ubuntu18.10.1 Shimmer Project ()
elementary-xfce 0.13.1+git-0~943~ubuntu18.04.1 Shimmer Project ()
gimp-theme-pslike 201710270229~ubuntu18.04.1 Sean Davis ()
gimp-theme-pslike 201704232126~ubuntu17.10.1 Sean Davis ()
gimp-theme-pslike 201704232126~ubuntu17.04.1 Sean Davis ()
gimp-theme-pslike 201704232126~ubuntu16.10.1 Sean Davis ()
gimp-theme-pslike 201704232126~ubuntu16.04.1 Sean Davis ()
gimp-theme-pslike 201505050113~ubuntu15.04.1 Sean Davis ()
gimp-theme-pslike 201405072304~ubuntu12.04.1 Sean Davis ()
gimp-theme-pslike 201405072301~ubuntu14.04.1 Sean Davis ()
libreoffice-style-elementary 202103190716~ubuntu16.04.1 Shimmer Project ()
libreoffice-style-elementary 201509270547~ubuntu15.10.1 Shimmer Project ()
libreoffice-style-elementary 201509270546~ubuntu14.04.1 Shimmer Project ()
shimmer-themes 202007120931~ubuntu18.04.1 Shimmer Project ()
shimmer-themes 201807182101~ubuntu17.10.1 Shimmer Project ()
shimmer-themes 201801150747~ubuntu17.04.1 Shimmer Project ()
shimmer-themes 201707170616~ubuntu16.10.1 Shimmer Project ()
shimmer-themes 201608291442~ubuntu16.04.1 Shimmer Project ()
shimmer-themes 201607282037~ubuntu15.10.1 Shimmer Project ()
shimmer-themes 201410281941~ubuntu14.04.1~gtk3.12 Sean Davis ()
xubuntu-icon-theme 201809180420~ubuntu18.10.1 Shimmer Project ()
xubuntu-icon-theme 201809180420~ubuntu18.04.1 Shimmer Project ()
xubuntu-icon-theme 201809122138~ubuntu16.04.1 Shimmer Project ()
xubuntu-icon-theme 201807170202~ubuntu17.10.1 Shimmer Project ()
xubuntu-icon-theme 201711290101~ubuntu17.04.1 Shimmer Project ()
xubuntu-icon-theme 201707101916~ubuntu16.10.1 Shimmer Project ()
xubuntu-icon-theme 201703062046~ubuntu14.04.1 Shimmer Project ()
xubuntu-icon-theme 201609152203~ubuntu15.10.1 Shimmer Project ()
xubuntu-icon-theme 201506301301~ubuntu12.04.1 Shimmer Project ()
129 of 29 results

Latest updates

  • libreoffice-style-elementary 30 weeks ago
    Successfully built
  • shimmer-themes 66 weeks ago
    Failed to build: amd64
  • elementary-xfce 130 weeks ago
    Successfully built
  • elementary-xfce 130 weeks ago
    Successfully built
  • xubuntu-icon-theme 161 weeks ago
    Successfully built