PPA packages

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Name Uploaded to Version When Failures
php5-phalcon-2.0.8 Phalcon - Ubuntu Wily 2.0.8-ppa1~wily None
php5-phalcon-2.0.8 Phalcon - Ubuntu Vivid 2.0.8-ppa1~vivid None
php5-phalcon-2.0.8 Phalcon - Ubuntu Trusty 2.0.8-ppa1~trusty None
php5-phalcon-2.0.8 Phalcon - Ubuntu Precise 2.0.8-ppa1~precise None
php5-yaml PHP5-YAML - Ubuntu Wily 1.2.0-ppa1~wily None
php5-yaml PHP5-YAML - Ubuntu Vivid 1.2.0-ppa1~vivid None
php5-yaml PHP5-YAML - Ubuntu Trusty 1.2.0-ppa1~trusty None
php5-yaml PHP5-YAML - Ubuntu Precise 1.2.0-ppa1~precise None
composer Composer - Ubuntu Wily 1.0.0-alpha10-ppa1~wily None
composer Composer - Ubuntu Vivid 1.0.0-alpha10-ppa1~vivid None
composer Composer - Ubuntu Trusty 1.0.0-alpha10-ppa1~trusty None
composer Composer - Ubuntu Precise 1.0.0-alpha10-ppa1~precise None
php5-phalcon-1.3.3 Phalcon - Ubuntu Wily 1.3.3-ppa1~wily None
php5-phalcon-1.3.3 Phalcon - Ubuntu Vivid 1.3.3-ppa1~vivid None
php5-phalcon-1.3.3 Phalcon - Ubuntu Trusty 1.3.3-ppa1~trusty None
php5-phalcon-1.3.3 Phalcon - Ubuntu Precise 1.3.3-ppa1~precise None
php5-phalcon-1.3.4 Phalcon - Ubuntu Wily 1.3.4-ppa1~wily None
php5-phalcon-1.3.4 Phalcon - Ubuntu Vivid 1.3.4-ppa1~vivid None
php5-phalcon-1.3.4 Phalcon - Ubuntu Trusty 1.3.4-ppa1~trusty None
php5-phalcon-1.3.4 Phalcon - Ubuntu Precise 1.3.4-ppa1~precise None
php5-phalcon Phalcon - Ubuntu Wily 2.0.7-ppa1~wily None
php5-phalcon Phalcon - Ubuntu Vivid 2.0.7-ppa1~vivid None
php5-phalcon Phalcon - Ubuntu Trusty 2.0.7-ppa1~trusty None
php5-phalcon Phalcon - Ubuntu Precise 2.0.7-ppa1~precise None
php5-phalcon-2.0.7 Phalcon - Ubuntu Wily 2.0.7-ppa1~wily None
php5-phalcon-2.0.7 Phalcon - Ubuntu Vivid 2.0.7-ppa1~vivid None
php5-phalcon-2.0.7 Phalcon - Ubuntu Trusty 2.0.7-ppa1~trusty None
php5-phalcon-2.0.7 Phalcon - Ubuntu Precise 2.0.7-ppa1~precise None
php5-phalcon-2.0.6 Phalcon - Ubuntu Wily 2.0.6-ppa1~wily None
php5-phalcon-2.0.6 Phalcon - Ubuntu Vivid 2.0.6-ppa1~vivid None
php5-phalcon-2.0.6 Phalcon - Ubuntu Trusty 2.0.6-ppa1~trusty None
php5-phalcon-2.0.6 Phalcon - Ubuntu Precise 2.0.6-ppa1~precise None
php5-phalcon-2.0.5 Phalcon - Ubuntu Wily 2.0.5-ppa1~wily None
php5-phalcon-2.0.5 Phalcon - Ubuntu Vivid 2.0.5-ppa1~vivid None
php5-phalcon-2.0.5 Phalcon - Ubuntu Trusty 2.0.5-ppa1~trusty None
php5-phalcon-2.0.5 Phalcon - Ubuntu Precise 2.0.5-ppa1~precise None
php5-phalcon-2.0.4 Phalcon - Ubuntu Wily 2.0.4-ppa1~wily None
php5-phalcon-2.0.4 Phalcon - Ubuntu Vivid 2.0.4-ppa1~vivid None
php5-phalcon-2.0.4 Phalcon - Ubuntu Trusty 2.0.4-ppa1~trusty None
php5-phalcon-2.0.4 Phalcon - Ubuntu Precise 2.0.4-ppa1~precise None
php5-phalcon-2.0.3 Phalcon - Ubuntu Wily 2.0.3-ppa1~wily None
php5-phalcon-2.0.3 Phalcon - Ubuntu Vivid 2.0.3-ppa1~vivid None
php5-phalcon-2.0.3 Phalcon - Ubuntu Trusty 2.0.3-ppa1~trusty None
php5-phalcon-2.0.3 Phalcon - Ubuntu Precise 2.0.3-ppa1~precise None
php5-phalcon-2.0.2 Phalcon - Ubuntu Wily 2.0.2-ppa1~wily None
php5-phalcon-2.0.2 Phalcon - Ubuntu Vivid 2.0.2-ppa1~vivid None
php5-phalcon-2.0.2 Phalcon - Ubuntu Trusty 2.0.2-ppa1~trusty None
php5-phalcon-2.0.2 Phalcon - Ubuntu Precise 2.0.2-ppa1~precise None
php5-phalcon-2.0.1 Phalcon - Ubuntu Wily 2.0.1-ppa1~wily None
php5-phalcon-2.0.1 Phalcon - Ubuntu Vivid 2.0.1-ppa1~vivid None
php5-phalcon-2.0.1 Phalcon - Ubuntu Trusty 2.0.1-ppa1~trusty None
php5-phalcon-2.0.1 Phalcon - Ubuntu Precise 2.0.1-ppa1~precise None
php5-phalcon-2.0.0 Phalcon - Ubuntu Wily 2.0.0-ppa1~wily None
php5-phalcon-2.0.0 Phalcon - Ubuntu Vivid 2.0.0-ppa1~vivid None
php5-phalcon-2.0.0 Phalcon - Ubuntu Trusty 2.0.0-ppa1~trusty None
php5-phalcon-2.0.0 Phalcon - Ubuntu Precise 2.0.0-ppa1~precise None
175 of 189 results