Maintained Packages

129 of 29 results
Name Uploaded to Version When Failures
gnome-shell-extension-top-icons-plus Debian Sid 27-4 None
gnome-shell-extension-caffeine Debian Sid 38-2 None
gnome-shell-extension-bluetooth-quick-connect Debian Sid 20-2 None
gnome-shell-extension-top-icons-plus Debian Experimental 27-3 None
gnome-shell-extension-caffeine Debian Experimental 38-1 None
gnome-shell-extension-bluetooth-quick-connect Debian Experimental 20-1 None
git-evtag Debian Sid 2016.1-2 None
git-evtag Debian Experimental 2016.1-1 None
libgfshare Debian Sid 2.0.0-5 None
bmap-tools Debian Sid 3.5-3 None
ikiwiki Debian Sid 3.20200202.3-1 None
ikiwiki-hosting Debian Sid 0.20180719-2 None
ikiwiki Debian Stretch 3.20170111.1 None
ikiwiki-hosting Ubuntu Disco 0.20180719-1build1 None
gnome-shell-extension-mediaplayer Debian Sid 4.0-1 None
ikiwiki Debian Jessie 3.20141016.4 None
gnome-shell-extension-mediaplayer Debian Experimental 0~git20170311-1 None
mpdris2 Debian Sid 0.7+git20160206-1 None
ikiwiki Debian Wheezy 3.20120629.2 None
mpdris2 Debian Experimental 0.6+git20150606-1 None
ikiwiki Debian Experimental 3.20150329 None
libgfshare Ubuntu Oneiric 1.0.5-1 None
libgfshare Ubuntu Natty 1.0.3-3 None
libgfshare Ubuntu Maverick 1.0.3-2 None
libgfshare Ubuntu Lucid 1.0.3-1 None
libgfshare Debian Lenny 1.0.2-1 None
gtimelog Debian Lenny 0.0+svn88-3 None
gtimelog Ubuntu Intrepid 0.0+svn88-3 None
telepathy-glib Ubuntu Gutsy 0.5.11-1 None
129 of 29 results