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Name Uploaded to Version When Failures
dosemu2 Builds - Ubuntu Jammy 2.0~pre8-7249-b442ef5e6+202201190920~ubuntu22.04.1 None
fdpp Builds - Ubuntu Hirsute 1.6-1213-d9802c4+202201181417~ubuntu21.04.1 None
fdpp Builds - Ubuntu Jammy 1.6-1213-d9802c4+202201181416~ubuntu22.04.1 None
fdpp Builds - Ubuntu Impish 1.6-1213-d9802c4+202201181416~ubuntu21.10.1 None
fdpp Builds - Ubuntu Focal 1.6-1213-d9802c4+202201181416~ubuntu20.04.1 None
dosemu2 Builds - Ubuntu Focal 2.0~pre8-7224-e377517f2+202201160119~ubuntu20.04.1 None
dosemu2 Builds - Ubuntu Hirsute 2.0~pre8-7224-e377517f2+202201160119~ubuntu21.04.1 None
dosemu2 Builds - Ubuntu Impish 2.0~pre8-7224-e377517f2+202201160119~ubuntu21.10.1 None
comcom32 Builds - Ubuntu Jammy 0.1~alpha3-163-a33cf51+202201061039~ubuntu22.04.1 None
comcom32 Builds - Ubuntu Bionic 0.1~alpha3-163-a33cf51+202201011632~ubuntu18.04.1 None