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Name Uploaded to Version When Failures
switchboard-plug-bluetooth elementary Stable - Ubuntu Bionic 2.3.5+r609+pkg347~ubuntu5.1.7.1 None
grub2-signed elementary OS specific patches - Ubuntu Bionic 1.93.24+elementary22~ubuntu5.1.7.1 None
golang-github-go-debos-fakemachine elementary OS specific patches - Ubuntu Focal 0.0~git20201127.9e6ee78-3+elementary2~ubuntu6.1 None
debos elementary Staging - Ubuntu Focal 1.0.0+git20201211.7ceed7e-1+elementary2~ubuntu6.1 None
golang-github-go-debos-fakemachine elementary Staging - Ubuntu Focal 0.0~git20201127.9e6ee78-3+elementary2~ubuntu6.1 None
flatpak elementary OS specific patches - Ubuntu Focal 1.8.3-2+elementary0~ubuntu6.1 None
gala elementary Stable - Ubuntu Bionic 3.3.2~r1012+pkg56~ubuntu5.1.4.1 None
flatpak elementary Staging - Ubuntu Bionic 1.6.3-flatpak1~bionic~ubuntu5.1.2.1 None
wingpanel elementary Daily - Ubuntu Focal 2.3.0+r437+pkg46~daily~ubuntu6.0.1 None
loolwsd LibreOffice Online - Ubuntu Focal 1.8.2-0~202002022115~ubuntu20.04.1 None