Team participation for Vish

Vish is a member of the following teams:

Team Joined Role Via Mailing List
5 A Day Participants 2009-12-16 Member
Ayatana Discussion 2009-04-27 Member Not subscribed
Ayatana UX 2010-04-21 Member Subscribed
Breathe Developers 2009-07-11 Member
BugSquad Mentorship 2010-05-26 Admin
Canonical Contributor Agreement 2010-09-30 Member
Feedler Hackers Member The elementary Project, elementaryart (old)
Not Canonical 2011-05-05 Member
Papercuts Ninjas 2010-11-17 Admin Not subscribed
Papercutters 2009-08-10 Admin Not subscribed
Planet Ubuntu Member Ubuntu Members
The elementary Project Member elementaryart (old)
Ubuntu Artwork Packagers 2010-03-08 Member
Ubuntu Boot 2009-09-14 Member Not subscribed
Ubuntu BugSquad 2009-07-19 Member
Ubuntu BugSquad Mentorship group α 2010-11-15 Owner Not subscribed
Ubuntu Members 2010-02-27 Member
Ubuntu One discussion 2009-07-29 Member Not subscribed
Ubuntu Quality Member Papercutters
Ubuntu cloaked people on freenode 2010-03-03 Member
Users of the Ubuntu Etherpad instance Member Ubuntu Members
elementaryart (old) 2009-09-02 Admin
elementarydesign (old) 2010-12-22 Admin
software-store-developers 2011-06-03 Member Not subscribed
unity-dev discussion list 2010-06-14 Member Not subscribed