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== Xorg packages fresh from git ==

Currently supported releases are Precise/12.04, Saucy/13.10 and Trusty/14.04

If you are on an intel 965 or newer GPU, be sure to install a 3.6 or newer kernel (linux-generic-lts-raring if you are on 12.04) as mesa 9.2 now requires a 3.6 kernel.

* For less fresh, more stable updates, see https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-x-swat/+archive/x-updates

* WARNING: Do not use this PPA with the precise X backport stacks, aka if you fresh install of 12.04.2 or newer. You can switch back to a compatible one by installing xserver-xorg-lts-precise instead if you do want to use these packages but horrible things will happen if you don't.

See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/XorgOnTheEdge for a script that installs and runs the test packages in a live CD/media session, for quick and easy temporary testing.

To revert to official packages, install the ppa-purge package and run "sudo ppa-purge xorg-edgers". Note: This currently has issues in oneiric because ppa-purge there does not work with multiarch. ppa-purge packages from this PPA do purge correctly on precise and newer.

== New features ==

June 29th, 2012: SNA is now on by default on intel. If you have problems (such as screen corruption, parts of the screen not updating, or crashes with intel_drv.so in the Xorg.0.log backtrace), save this as /etc/X11/xorg.conf

Section "Device"
        Identifier "intel"
        Driver "intel"
        Option "AccelMethod" "uxa"

== Important notice ==

This PPA is currently meant to be used as a whole. Please do _not_ individually install packages from it, add it to your sources and let your package manager pull in every update. The packages here build against each other and compile different features based on whats available at build time. Do not assume that because it lets you install a DDX with just the driver and libdrm update that it will work. These packages are made with scripts that use the the current packages as the base, so some dependencies can be wrong and your package manager will not resolve that for you. If you want to individually install something from here, grab the source and rebuild it in your current environment instead.

** Please do not publish instructions for how to install from this archive without linking to this page! Anyone using packages from this archive is expected to read this page first and it is recommended to check back occasionally for notice on problems that may arise. **

Adding this PPA to your system

You can update your system with unsupported packages from this untrusted PPA by adding ppa:xorg-edgers/ppa to your system's Software Sources. (Read about installing)

Technical details about this PPA

This PPA can be added to your system manually by copying the lines below and adding them to your system's software sources.

Display sources.list entries for:
deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/xorg-edgers/ppa/ubuntu YOUR_UBUNTU_VERSION_HERE main 
deb-src http://ppa.launchpad.net/xorg-edgers/ppa/ubuntu YOUR_UBUNTU_VERSION_HERE main 
Signing key:
1024R/8844C542 (What is this?)

For questions and bugs with software in this PPA please contact xorg crack pushers.

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48 updates added during the past month.
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Overview of published packages

175 of 220 results
Package Version Uploaded by
bumblebee 3.2.1-5~xedgers~trusty1 (Newer version available) Robert Hooker (2014-01-06)
bumblebee 3.2.1-5~xedgers~saucy1 Robert Hooker (2014-01-06)
bumblebee 3.2.1-5~xedgers~precise3 Robert Hooker (2014-01-24)
cairo 1.12.14-0ubuntu1~quantal1 Rico Tzschichholz (2013-02-11)
cairo 1.12.14-0ubuntu1~precise1 Rico Tzschichholz (2013-02-11)
dh-exec 0.10 no signer (2013-07-08)
dh-exec 0.10 no signer (2013-07-08)
drm-dkms 3.13.0~rc2~sarvatt1 Robert Hooker (2013-12-03)
fglrx-installer 2:13.200~beta-0ubuntu1~xedgers~saucy2 Rico Tzschichholz (2013-08-03)
fglrx-installer 2:13.200~beta-0ubuntu1~xedgers~quantal2 Rico Tzschichholz (2013-08-03)
fglrx-installer 2:13.200~beta-0ubuntu1~xedgers~precise2 Rico Tzschichholz (2013-08-03)
fglrx-installer-12 2:12.104-0ubuntu1~xedgers~raring1 Rico Tzschichholz (2013-05-08)
fglrx-installer-12 2:12.104-0ubuntu1~xedgers~quantal1 Rico Tzschichholz (2013-04-25)
fglrx-installer-12 2:12.104-0ubuntu1~xedgers~precise1 Rico Tzschichholz (2013-04-25)
fglrx-installer-13 2:13.101~beta-0ubuntu1~xedgers~saucy1 Rico Tzschichholz (2013-05-29)
fglrx-installer-13 2:13.101~beta-0ubuntu1~xedgers~quantal1 Rico Tzschichholz (2013-05-29)
fglrx-installer-13 2:13.101~beta-0ubuntu1~xedgers~precise1 Rico Tzschichholz (2013-05-29)
glamor-egl 0.6.0+git20140313.a4fbc773-0ubuntu0sarvatt Robert Hooker (53 minutes ago)
glamor-egl 0.6.0+git20140313.a4fbc773-0ubuntu0sarvatt Robert Hooker (2014-03-13)
glamor-egl 0.6.0+git20140313.a4fbc773-0ubuntu0sarvatt~saucy Robert Hooker (2014-03-13)
isl 0.11.2-1~quantal1 Rico Tzschichholz (2013-07-08)
isl 0.11.2-1~precise1 Rico Tzschichholz (2013-07-08)
kernel-wedge 2.85ubuntu1~quantal1 Rico Tzschichholz (2013-03-03)
libdrm 2.4.53+git20140420.d4083dc7-0ubuntu0ricotz Rico Tzschichholz (53 minutes ago)
libdrm 2.4.53+git20140420.d4083dc7-0ubuntu0ricotz Rico Tzschichholz (2014-04-20)
libdrm 2.4.53+git20140420.d4083dc7-0ubuntu0ricotz~saucy Rico Tzschichholz (2014-04-20)
libdrm 2.4.52-1~ppa1 Maarten Lankhorst (2014-02-26)
libdrm 2.4.49+git20131202.c3d96897-0ubuntu0sarvatt~quantal Robert Hooker (2013-12-02)
libglu 9.0.0-0ubuntu1~precise1 Rico Tzschichholz (2012-09-20)
libpciaccess 0.13.1-2~precise1 Rico Tzschichholz (2012-09-20)
libtxc-dxtn 1.0.1-0.3ubuntu0sarvatt+raring Robert Hooker (53 minutes ago)
libtxc-dxtn 1.0.1-0.3ubuntu0sarvatt+raring Robert Hooker (2013-12-29)
libtxc-dxtn 1.0.1-0.3ubuntu0sarvatt+raring Robert Hooker (2013-05-30)
libtxc-dxtn 1.0.1-0.3ubuntu0sarvatt+quantal Rico Tzschichholz (2012-09-20)
libtxc-dxtn 1.0.1-0.3ubuntu0sarvatt Robert Hooker (2011-11-09)
libxcb 1.10-2ubuntu1~xedgers~saucy1 Rico Tzschichholz (2014-01-17)
libxcb 1.10-2~xedgers~trusty1 (Newer version available) Rico Tzschichholz (2014-01-07)
libxkbcommon 0.2.0~git20121025.a35d3223-0ubuntu0ricotz~quantal Rico Tzschichholz (2012-10-25)
libxkbcommon 0.2.0~git20121025.a35d3223-0ubuntu0ricotz~precise Rico Tzschichholz (2012-10-25)
libxshmfence 1.1-2~xedgers~saucy1 Rico Tzschichholz (2014-01-02)
linux 3.8.0-9.18 Tim Gardner (2013-03-03)
linux 3.5.0-18.29 Luis Henriques (2012-10-24)
linux-firmware 1.127 Tim Gardner (2014-04-02)
linux-firmware 1.103 Tim Gardner (2013-03-03)
linux-meta Tim Gardner (2012-12-15)
linux-meta Luis Henriques (2012-10-25)
llvm-3.2 3.2-2ubuntu4~quantal1 Rico Tzschichholz (2013-04-04)
llvm-toolchain-3.3 1:3.3-5ubuntu4~quantal1~xedgers2 Robert Hooker (2013-10-02)
llvm-toolchain-3.4 1:3.4-1ubuntu2~xedgers~saucy1 Rico Tzschichholz (2014-01-02)
mesa 10.2.0~git20140424.fd92346c-0ubuntu0ricotz Rico Tzschichholz (23 minutes ago)
mesa 10.2.0~git20140424.fd92346c-0ubuntu0ricotz~trusty Rico Tzschichholz (23 minutes ago)
mesa 10.2.0~git20140424.fd92346c-0ubuntu0ricotz~saucy Rico Tzschichholz (23 minutes ago)
mesa 9.2.0~git20131002+9.2.2eb55601-0ubuntu0sarvatt~quantal Robert Hooker (2013-10-02)
mesa 9.2.0~git20131002+9.2.2eb55601-0ubuntu0sarvatt~precise Robert Hooker (2013-10-02)
mesa-demos 8.1.0-0ubuntu1~quantal1 Rico Tzschichholz (2013-07-08)
mesa-demos 8.1.0-0ubuntu1~precise1 Rico Tzschichholz (2013-07-08)
mtdev 1.1.2-1~precise1 Rico Tzschichholz (2012-04-05)
nvidia-graphics-drivers-304 304.121-0ubuntu1~xedgers14.04.2 Rico Tzschichholz (53 minutes ago)
nvidia-graphics-drivers-304 304.121-0ubuntu1~xedgers14.04.2 Rico Tzschichholz (2014-03-31)
nvidia-graphics-drivers-304 304.121-0ubuntu1~xedgers13.10.2 Rico Tzschichholz (2014-03-31)
nvidia-graphics-drivers-304 304.121-0ubuntu1~xedgers12.04.2 Rico Tzschichholz (2014-04-02)
nvidia-graphics-drivers-304 304.117-0ubuntu1~xedgers~quantal2 Rico Tzschichholz (2013-12-17)
nvidia-graphics-drivers-331 331.67-0ubuntu1~xedgers14.04.2 Rico Tzschichholz (53 minutes ago)
nvidia-graphics-drivers-331 331.67-0ubuntu1~xedgers14.04.2 Rico Tzschichholz (2014-04-09)
nvidia-graphics-drivers-331 331.67-0ubuntu1~xedgers13.10.2 Rico Tzschichholz (2014-04-09)
nvidia-graphics-drivers-331 331.67-0ubuntu0.0.1~xedgers12.04.1 Rico Tzschichholz (2014-04-17)
nvidia-graphics-drivers-331 331.20-0ubuntu1~xedgers~quantal1 Rico Tzschichholz (2013-11-08)
nvidia-graphics-drivers-334 334.21-0ubuntu1~xedgers14.04.1 Rico Tzschichholz (53 minutes ago)
nvidia-graphics-drivers-334 334.21-0ubuntu1~xedgers14.04.1 Rico Tzschichholz (2014-03-31)
nvidia-graphics-drivers-334 334.21-0ubuntu1~xedgers13.10.1 Rico Tzschichholz (2014-03-31)
nvidia-graphics-drivers-337 337.12-0ubuntu1~xedgers14.04.1 Rico Tzschichholz (53 minutes ago)
nvidia-graphics-drivers-337 337.12-0ubuntu1~xedgers14.04.1 Rico Tzschichholz (2014-04-09)
nvidia-graphics-drivers-337 337.12-0ubuntu1~xedgers13.10.1 Rico Tzschichholz (2014-04-09)
nvidia-persistenced 331.20-0ubuntu1~xedgers~trusty1 Rico Tzschichholz (2013-11-08)
nvidia-persistenced 331.20-0ubuntu1~xedgers~saucy1 Rico Tzschichholz (2013-11-08)
175 of 220 results

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  • mesa 24 minutes ago
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  • mesa 24 minutes ago
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