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  • Pinta is a drawing/editing program modeled after Paint.NET. Its goal is to provide a simplified alternative to GIMP for casual users.
    Registered by Jonathan Pobst on 2010-05-06
  • joined on 2013-04-29, with 0 karma
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  • All blueprints Latest blueprints. Allow resizing an image with the mouse a-la MS Paint Registered on 2013-05-19 autoscroll when selecting a piece of picture when selecion goes out of display
  • Pinta has 1 active review. Pinta has 6 active branches owned by 4 people and 1 team.
  • Translation details. Launchpad currently recommends translating Pinta trunk series. To see all the translation files that are waiting to be imported, please look at Pinta import queue.
  • The team working on maintaining and improving Pinta, the easy to use multi-platform painting program.
  • Questions for Pinta. Languages filter (Change your preferred languages) English (en) Spanish (es) Status. Open Needs information Answered Solved Expired Invalid. Summary Created Submitter Assignee Status; 650543: Has Pinta development completely ceased? ... Answer contacts for Pinta
  • If you try to launch Pinta from the command line, do you get any output? Also, check what files are under the Pinta directory (probably C:/Program Files/Pinta), just in case the installer somehow messed something up.
  • Sadly Pinta seems to be abandonware: Last stable release was four years ago: https:/ /github. com/PintaProjec t/Pinta/ releases Would be great to move completely to Github where is more possible to find people to maintain it.
  • I believe that once some isues are sorted out with pinta, this program could also be used as an image browser should my suggestion be considered usefull if some one were able to be able to make it behave both ways! From a gui point of view, one would start by scrolling through a load of images like one would do with ristretto or similar program and as soon as one starts to edit an image then ...
  • When I click the text tool, select where I want to type, then try to type, it does nothing. For example, I click the tool, I select the middle of the image, I see the black bar, then I type "Q" nothing happens. Is this a bug? Or is there a work around?
  • PDN is a proprietary format, and we don't support it yet. Please note that, even when Pinta's origins derive from Paint.NET 3.0, that format is closed in a way that it's not supported natively _yet_.
  • Hi, I have installed Pinta 0.5 on Windows XP and default theme looks ugly. Is there any way I can set theme to look like Pinta 0.5 on Ubuntu 10.10? I would like to have: 1. icons to look exactly like on Ubuntu. 2. big icons (on Windows are small icons, I prefer to have big icons), 3. bellow icons to have a icon titles. Regards
  • I tried to open a sketch I made in Inkscape, in Pinta. (I haven't figured out how to color in Inkscape yet, so I was going to try Pinta, because it had great reviews.) It was a black lines against a white background, which opened with a gray/white checkered background in Pinta. Let me know if there is a way to fix this or if the files aren't compatible.
  • I may be overlooking something, but I see no way to print from Pinta. I have Pinta on two systems. Toshiba Satallite with Mint 13 Xfce just updated to Pinta 1.4 from 1.1 and still can't print. Homebuilt desktop running Xubuntu 12.10 Pinta 1.3. I really like Pinta except for the not being able to print. Not much point in having it if I have to open the picture with another program to print it ...
  • Translated and reviewed by taijuin lee on 2010-07-11 Located in ../Pinta.Core/Actions/EditActions.cs:69 ../Pinta.Core/Actions/EditActions.cs:216
  • Translated and reviewed by Rockworld on 2015-07-25 Located in ../Pinta.Core/Actions/EditActions.cs:69 ../Pinta.Core/Actions/EditActions.cs:216
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  • (+117/-0) (+849/-0) Pinta.Core/.gitignore (+3/-0) Pinta.Core/Actions/AdjustmentsActions.cs (+57/-0) Pinta.Core/Actions/EditActions.cs (+433/-0 ...
  • Translated and reviewed by Marco Rolappe on 2010-06-15 Located in ../Pinta.Core/Actions/EditActions.cs:69 ../Pinta.Core/Actions/EditActions.cs:216
  • Pinta ⇒ trunk. Pinta is a drawing/editing program modeled after Paint.NET. Its goal is to provide a simplified alternative to GIMP for casual users.
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