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Code hosting and review

Collaborate with free software communities.

Launchpad makes it easy for anyone to get your project's code using Git or Bazaar, make their own changes with full version control, and then propose their work for merging back into your trunk.

Full control of who can land code in your project's trunk remains with you. And thanks to public code reviews, you can share the work of vetting proposed changes.

From experimental lines of development by entirely new contributors, to your official trunk, all code related to your project — whether hosted on Launchpad or elsewhere, even in Subversion or CVS — is catalogued and can be downloaded with just a few key strokes.

Drive-by contributions

Some people have great ideas for your project but don’t have time to get fully involved.

Drive-by contributions

With Launchpad, contributors can create their own branch of your code using Git or Bazaar, make their changes and then push it all back up to Launchpad to be listed right alongside your official branches.

And because they never touch your trunk they don’t need to ask for commit access.

So, with no extra effort on your part new contributors can submit code to your project and propose it for merging into your trunk.

Straightforward code review

One place to discuss and vote on code contributions, whether by email or on the web.

Code review

Don't lose code reviews in amongst a hundred mailing list threads. Use Launchpad and each review is instantly accessible from both the proposed and target branch.

On one page, Launchpad gives you a diff of the proposed change, a threaded discussion and the clarity of standard voting options along with the flexibility of tags to add nuance to your selection.

And each review becomes a mini-mailing list, automatically involving those most likely to have an interest in the change. More about code review >

See it in action

Links between bugs and branches

Working on a fix for a bug tracked in Launchpad?

Working on a fix for a bug tracked in Launchpad?

Develop your fix in a Git or Bazaar branch and link it to the bug report. Anyone interested in the bug can track your progress and get access to your fix with a single command.

In effect, your branch becomes a living patch: the very latest version of your code is always available as direct link from the bug report.

Team branches

Collaborate as a team on a single branch that’s hosted by Launchpad.

Team branches

All team members can commit to a centrally hosted branch, while anyone can still create their own separate line of development with full version control.