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Anewt is a collection of PHP libraries designed to aid rapid web development.

The Almost No Effort Web Toolkit helps you quickly create fully standards-compliant dynamic web sites and web applications. It consists of a number of modules which help you work with strict XHTML pages, text formatting, database abstraction and validation, form creation and handling and other web-related things like session control and syndication. Anewt requires PHP 5.

Note that Anewt is not a web framework. It will provide you with all the tools without forcing you to organize your project in a specific way. That means you can use your own preferred directory layout, filenames, etc.

Anewt has a (unfortunaly incomplete) book, which nonetheless contains quite some useful information for new users. For more in-depth documentation, you are encouraged to use the API documentation in the manual, which has 100% API coverage.

Anewt has always kept its development status and is not released as a packaged set of files. The project is small enough to manage things the way we manage them now. Patches and comments are welcome!

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Anewt developers
Anewt developers

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