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Release notes 

Bug fixes:
 - apport: Set the group of written reports to "whoopsie" if that group exists.
 - Fix tests to run properly against the system-installed modules and binaries.
 - test/run: Run under LC_MESSAGES=C to avoid test failures due to translated
 - general-hooks/ Also attach xsession-errors for programs that link
   to libgtk-3.
 - Properly handle "Expired" status, to avoid marking new bugs as
   duplicates of expired ones. (LP: #941854)
 - apport: Fix crash if the "whoopsie" group does not exist. (LP: #942326)
 -, crash_signature(): Do not put "<module>" frames into Python crash
   signatures that happen outside of function/method calls. Fall back to the
   file/line number as a frame description instead. This will do a much better
   job at disambiguating e. g. different ImportError crashes. (LP: #920403)
 - Make "binary changed since the time of the crash" error message more
   comprehensible, thanks Paolo Rotolo. (LP: #942830)
 -, check_duplicate(): It can happen that a bug gets identified as
   being a duplicate of bug S by symbolic signatures and a duplicate of bug A
   by address signatures. Empirical evidence shows that this is due to the
   unavoidable jitter in stack traces (A and S not being identified as
   duplicates as their signatures differ slightly) and not a logic error. So
   instead of erroring out, duplicate all three bugs and keep the lowest number
   as the master ID. (LP: #943117)
 - Revert the usage of multiple nested threads during data collection, and
   switch back to only using one UI thread. The UI implementations can, and now
   do, decide between showing a spinner and showing a progress dialog in the
   ui_*_info_collection_progress() methods. This fixes libX11 crashes when
   multiple UI threads do changes concurrently (LP: #901675), and also avoids
   multi-thread induced crashes in Pango (LP: #943661). The removal of the
   collect() method also fixes the new crashes in it. (LP: #942098, #939803)
 -, get_desktop_entry(): Fix crash on uninstalled package. (LP: #940984)
 - data/unkillable_shutdown: Fix crash on race condition when PID goes away
   while the report is created. (LP: #546369)
 - apport/, pci_devices(): Fix crash on unexpected lines from
   lspci. (LP: #904489)
 - Drop hardcoded "Ubuntu" words again which crept in with the whoopsie support
   merge. Use the DistroRelease: field.
 - apport-kde: Fix Home page URL in KApplication metadata.
 - apport-gtk: Fix resizability and size after hiding details. (LP: #405418)

 - test/run: Drop "local" argument. This now tests against the source tree when
   run in the source tree root, and against the system libraries/programs when
   run from anywhere else.
 - test/run: Consider command line arguments as test names and only run those
   when given. Also support just running a single test.
 - testsuite: Force the skipping of online tests when $SKIP_ONLINE_TESTS is
 -, xsession_errors(): Add a reasonable default pattern which
   matches glib-style warnings, errors, criticals etc. and X window errors.
   In data/general-hooks/, call it with that default instead of the
   rather incomplete custom pattern. (LP: #932660)
 - Add get_package_origin() method, and implement it for
 -, add_package_info(): Add "[origin: ...]" tag to "Package" and
   "Dependencies" fields for any package which is not native to the
   distribution. If any such package is present, tag the report with
   "third-party-packages" in data/general-hooks/ (LP: #927912)
 - apport/ Add get_uninstalled_package() method as a helper method
   for the test suite. Use it instead of a hardcoded Debian/Ubuntu specific
   name in test/
 - test/test_ui_{gtk,kde}.py: Add test cases for complete UI workflow runs for
   reporting a bug against an installed/uninstalled package, and reporting a
   crash with and without showing details. This reproduces the recent crashes
   like LP #901675 or LP #943661.
 - Add a test case for reporting a complete report on uninstalled
   package. This happens when reporting a problem from a different machine
   through copying a .crash file.
 - test/run: Add a test that there are no hardcoded "Ubuntu" words in the
   source. The code should use the DistroRelease: field or lsb_release.


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