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 - developing automatic tests (both upstream and with Debian/Ubuntu autopkgtest)
 - the Linux plumbing stack (udev, udisks, upower, dbus, etc.)
 - GNOME, in particular PyGObject
 - automated crash/bug feedback (apport & Co)
 - finding and installing device drivers (ubuntu-drivers-common)
 - handling of hotpluggable devices (storage, cameras, scanners, etc.)
 - PostgreSQL
 - language packs and i18n-related tasks

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There are central network config files for Snappy, Server, Client, MaaS, cloud-init in /etc/netplan/*.yaml. All installers only generate such a file, no /etc/network/interfaces any more. There is also a netplan command line tool to drive some operations. Systems are configured during early boot with a “network rend...
On desktop/touch, NetworkManager runs a local dnsmasq instance as a DNS resolver, which handles failover between multiple DNS servers. On Ubuntu server and cloud instances there is no such thing: DNS servers (via DHCP responses) get written to /etc/resolv.conf (via resolvconf, though) and glibc does the DNS resolut...
We want to replace our hackish/brittle lp:auto-package-testing (adt-britney) + jenkins + tons of little rsynced state files + running tests on manually maintained static CI lab servers. All this should move to the cloud for scalability, reducing the CI lab size, simplifying the structure of proposed-migration and ma...