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Release notes 

 * whoopsie-upload-all: Add a -t/--timeout option. In CI environments it is
   undesirable to block on upload for 30 mins, but it's still a reasonable
   timeout on less well connected devices.
 * Do not report keys starting with '_' to the crash database. This can be used
   for keeping private keys in .crash files between crash and report time, or
   to store data between hooks etc., without cluttering reports.
 * UI: In "run all pending crashes" mode, skip reports that happened during
   logout in a desktop (specifically, logind) session; they are uninteresting
   and confusing to see at the next login. (LP: #1033932) They can still be
   reported manually with running the .crash file directly, but this
   sufficiently reduces the need to explicitly flag whether the report concerns
   a logout crash. (LP: #1067646)
 * Add support for PID namespaces (Linux containers): Crashes originating from
   a container on a system running a >= 3.12 kernel will be automatically
   redirected to apport inside the container, or ignored if apport is not
   installed in the container. Thanks to St├ęphane Graber!

Bug fixes:
 * test_signal_crashes: Clean up unexpected reports after every test, to avoid
   breaking all subsequent tests.
 * test_signal_crashes: Stop checking that gdb prints nothing on stderr, as
   latest gdb 7.6.50 now almost always prints some about missing source files.
 * Make updating of hashbangs work when building without Java, and
   also apply it on bin/.
 * Print a warning when trying to retrace a report from a foreign architecture
   and gdb-multiarch is not installed. (LP: #1239395)
 * etc/init.d/apport: Don't change core_pattern when running in a container, as
   this influences the host and other containers, too. (LP: #1267728)


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