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Martin Pitt
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Release notes 

* Delay the import of the glob and re modules in the python apport hook,
   and only import them when needed. Speeds up interpreter startup time
   by 50%. Thanks Matthias Klose! (LP: #1307684)
 * Move error handling for invalid .crash files into collect_info(), so that it
   also applies when using the "Show Details..." button in the UI. Otherwise
   the UI just hangs eternally at this point when encountering broken core
   dumps. (LP: #1282349)
 * apt/dpkg install_packages(): Try to install the requested package version
   instead of always picking the most recent one. This should improve retracing
   results for older crash reports. Thanks to Brian Murray for inspiring this.
 *, make_sandbox(): When determining packages to install from
   ProcMaps, look up and use the package versions from the reporter, to improve
   retracing results. Thanks Brian Murray for the initial patch!
 * iwlwifi_error_dump: Make reports private, and subscribe canonical-kernel-team.
   Thanks Seth Forshee. (LP: #1313818)
 * signal_crashes test: Time out after 5 seconds if the test process does not
   terminate on the specified signal, to avoid eternal hangs.
 * signal_crashes test: Ensure that we don't inherit an ignored SIGQUIT from
   the caller.


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