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Martin Pitt
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Release notes 

* Robustify check if apport-retrace is installed. This brings back the
   "Examine locally" UI option. (LP: #1358734)
 * recoverable_problem: Handle the parent process going away while we're
   attempting to read from proc.
 * apport-retrace: Stop considering a package download error as transient; it
   can too easily lead to unnoticed eternal retry loops.
 * whoopsie-upload-all: Refactor to behave more reliably in case of overlapping
   crash processing. Thanks Steve Langasek and Brian Murray. (LP: #1354318)
 * whoopsie-upload-all: Remove crash reports that have a core dump which is
   broken and cannot be processed by gdb. Thanks Brian Murray. (LP: #1376374)
 * Stop setting $PATH in the init.d script. It breaks assumptions from
   /lib/lsb/init-functions.d/ which might call other tools which are not in
   /bin; also, we generally shouldn't meddle with $PATH in individual scripts.
   (LP: #1372665)
 * When core size exceeds the limit (3/4 of available memory) and thus the core
   dump is skipped, log this to /var/log/apport.log. (LP: #1387835)
 * apport-gtk: Fix jump-to-top on first click of the details treeview. Thanks
   Marius Gedminas. (LP: #1387328)
 * apport-retrace: Fix location of cached Contents.gz when using --sandbox-dir.
   (LP: #1394798)
 * Fix backend_apt_dpkg.test_install_packages_permanent_sandbox test case with
   proxy env variables with latest apt.
 * data/whoopsie-upload-all: confirm that the crash file exists before trying
   to remove it. (LP: #1384358)


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