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APT-Portal is a web content management system that retrieves information from a Debian APT repository and presents an application list on a user friendly format.

The APT-Portal will use a Debian APT repository Packages file at it's master data source, the data will be automatically imported into a database, additional information related to packages and contained applications can be provided using human and/or automated sources.
Users do not frequently search for packages, but most frequently for applications, on this assumption the information presentation will be centered around applications.

The following features will be implemented:
General Features:
- Automated packages information import/update from Packages(.gz,/.bz2) files
- Packages classification (main, optional, additional)
- Translation support for the site template
- List recent changes to the repository (with apturl feeds)
- Support for packages/applications descriptions translation
- AJAX filter/search for names, descriptions and tags

Application Information
- Extended Description - Best suited for web presentation, unlike the debian packages description
- Screenshots
- APTURLs for: main package, optional packages, additional packages.
- etc..

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