#RenProj chat moved - Ares-specific room added

Written for Ares by Renegade on 2021-06-23

Hello everyone, Renegade here.

This isn't primarily Ares news, but #RenProj has always been the "original" place for live chat regarding Ares and the breeding ground of much of it development back in the day.
As a result, we still get visitors with questions every once in a while.

Be advised that we have _moved_ the channel to a Matrix-based one at #renproj:renegadeprojects.com
As before, you can join directly through webchat (https://chat.renegadeprojects.com/#/room/#renproj:renegadeprojects.com) or with your own client (https://matrix.to/#/#renproj:renegadeprojects.com).

Since we have full control over the platform this time around, we also set up #ares:renegadeprojects.com as a channel dedicated to Ares, in case the remaining Ares modders want to congregate there to support each other and talk about Ares and RA2/YR modding in general. (https://chat.renegadeprojects.com/#/room/#ares:renegadeprojects.com)

As for the background of this migration, Wikipedia has a short summary of the recent happenings at Freenode: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Freenode#Ownership_change_and_conflict

Please do report instances in Ares' documentation or supporting documents were the old Freenode chat link is still displayed. We'll try to correct them as soon as possible.

In unrelated news, as many of you have noticed, Alex is absent at the moment.
We have no information when he will return - but the most direct way to find out is to be in chat and hear about it live. ;)

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