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Arronax is a plugin for Nautilus that lets you create and modify .desktop files. It adds a "create Starter" menu item for the Desktop to to the context menu of files.

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Florian Diesch
Florian Diesch

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  • Released Arronax v0.7.1 on 2019-05-21
    I just release Arronax v0.7.1 New in this version: Changed dependency of arr...
  • Arronax v0.7.0 on 2019-05-19
    New in this release: * Plugins for Caja and Nemo (closes bug #1489763) ...
  • Releases Arronax v0.05 on 2014-01-26
    I just released Arronax v0.05 This version fixes drag&drop for Ubuntu 13.10 ...
  • Released Arronax v0.02 on 2012-06-15
    This version fixed a bug that could cause Nautilus to crash or hang when star...
  • Just released Arronax v0.01 on 2012-06-04
    I just released Arronax v0.01. Arronax is a plugin for Nautilus to create an...