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Ásbrú Connection Manager is an remote connection manager that allows users to organize multiple remote terminal sessions (SSH, Telnet, Mosh, etc.) using tabs within a single application window.

Connections can be grouped to allow launching multiple connections to related hosts with a single command, or even multiplexed, with multiple client sessions being opened to the same remote host.

Each connection's properties can be managed independently with exquisite detail, from environment variables to appearance, logging to crontabs.

An advanced scripting interface extends the functionality even further by simplifying the automation of repetitive tasks while the history panel displays a live list of the most recent commands sent to each host, any of which can be repeated with a single click.


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6.0 series is the current focus of development.

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  • Future development on 2019-11-15
    Version 5.2.1 will be the last planned release supporting the GTK2 environmen...