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Ask Ubuntu Data Server is an extremely fast data server that responds to search requests for Ask Ubuntu data.

This project was born out of a need to get data from the Ask Ubuntu API with little latency. Since the API itself is quite slow and is not suitable for 'search-as-you-type' requests, it became quite clear that some other form of search was required. None of the major search engines provided what was needed.

Since Ask Ubuntu releases bi-monthly data dumps with most of the site content, the idea for AU Data Server was born. This application is designed to take advantage of the data dumps and improve performance dramatically by responding to queries within milliseconds. The databaseis kept up to date by frequently polling the API (currently every two minutes).

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Nathan Osman
Nathan Osman

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Latest version is 0.1
released on 2011-04-15

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  • Support for API Added on 2011-04-23
    Support for the Ask Ubuntu API is now included in Ask Ubuntu Data Server. Thi...
  • Ask Ubuntu Data Server 0.1 Released on 2011-04-15
    After a lot of hard work and testing, we are pleased to release Ask Ubuntu Da...
  • Server Is Now Live on 2011-04-12
    The data server is now live at ''. The server t...
  • Server is Functional on 2011-04-10
    After a fair amount of explanation, the server is now capable of basic operat...