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AWFFull is a webserver log analysis tool. Mainly used to produce simple reports, it can also be used as the starting point for more detailed Web Analytics. The output produced is a series of simple HTML pages and images,making it trivial to access the reports from practically any web browser. No additional configuration or setup is necessary.

AWFFull is a fork of the venerable Webalizer log analysis program.

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Steve McInerney
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Latest version is 3.10.2
released on 2008-12-13

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  • AWFFull v3.10.2 Release on 2008-12-15
    Two fixes. Both moderately critical. Backported from trunk in 3.10.x * The D...
  • AWFFull v3.10.1 Release on 2008-11-24
    Two changes. One large, one trivial. 1. AWFFull is now GPLv3+ 2. Some new fla...
  • AWFFull v3.9.1 Release on 2008-11-22
    The biggest new feature is Segmentation, as per marketing. Major documentatio...
  • AWFFull v3.9.1-beta3 Release on 2008-11-09
    Revisit the implementation of gettext - is hopefully a bit saner; Change the ...