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Avant Window Navigator (Awn) is a dock-like bar which sits at the bottom of the screen.


Awn is maintained again!

The code has been moved to github. The following repositories hold code related to AWN:


This PPA contains packages for testing:


Bugs & Feature Requests
Please report bugs here Bugs related to specific applets should be filed here In both cases please install the latest testing packages available to check whether the bug has not been fixed already.

Currently no support is provided for older packages in the Ubuntu or Debian repositories. All bugs that have been fixed in the PPA-provided packages are marked as [Fix Released] in the bug tracker.

 If the bug is a feature request, please add "[feature request]" as a prefix to the bug title.

Want to contribute?

There are many 'easy tasks' suitable for new contributors. AWN is primarily a C codebase that is currently slowly moving towards C++ (C++11 included). While we haven't switched to Gtkmm yet, there's plenty of places where the code can be improved by using C++ APIs*. For example:
 * use std::string instead of plain gchar* strings
 * use boost::filesystem instead of GLib file API
 * use standard containers instead of GLib equivalents
 * etc.

Most of such changes are comparatively local and have low risk. Thus you don't need to know the codebase well in order to contribute. Nor you have to be a C++ guru. Just open any *.cc file, search for a gchar* C string being allocated and freed within the same function and change it to std::string. It's just that easy :) All similar contributions are welcome.

* while switching to C++ by itself has little benefit, practices such as RAII vastly reduce the chance of common bugs.

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Latest version is 0.4.2

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  • Awn 0.4.2 released on 2013-11-28
    The Avant Window Navigator (Awn) team would like to announce the release of v...
  • Awn 0.4.0 released! on 2010-04-12
    The Avant Window Navigator (Awn) team would like to announce the release of v...
  • Awn released on 2009-05-05
    A bugfix-only release of the stable branch of Awn, version, has been ...
  • Awn 0.3.2 released! on 2009-02-09
    The Avant Window Navigator (Awn) team would like to announce the release of v...
  • Awn 0.2.6 Released! on 2008-02-22
    This is a small release which fixes the following issues: * Fix EXTRA_DIST s...