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BackSlash Linux Kristoff is the next upcoming version of BackSlash Linux MainStram Release Journey. For this very first time we are providing users to test our beta releases and report bugs to us. Please note that this is just a pre-release software and may contain bugs and some features may be changed in final release. However the changes introduced in this release are listed below.


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New BackSlash Shell v2.0
BackSlash Sidebar
Fingerprint Support
Redesigned UI, LockScreen
New Semi-opaque Dock Design
Updated Plasma Shell
Hardware Enabled Kernel Support (OS Will automatically find unknown devices and download drivers for them)
Wine 2.14
Updated Installer
Fixed Dual Boot Issues
Multitouch gesture support
App Expose
New Email Client
New System Optimizer (+ App Uninstaller) Application
Redshift (Night Light) Support
Wine Graphical Frontend Included
More Enhanced Support for GTK+ Applications
Updated Software Center
New Startup Sound
Microsoft Fonts Included
Backup Utility
New Music Player (Google Play Music Desktop Edition)
Performance Inprovements

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Cover up dual boot issues Cover up dual boot issues 5 Essential Bobby  11 Implemented
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1711890 #1711890 Can not run Kristoff beta in live mode in VMWare 1 Undecided   2 Opinion
1712001 #1712001 New bug in Kristoff Beta (Screenshot is provided) 1 Undecided   2 Opinion
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