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Douglas Mendizábal
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1 Arun Kant, 1 Atsushi SAKAI, 1 Christopher Solis, 2 Dave McCowan, 1 Elvin Tubillara, 3 Fernando Diaz, 1 Juan Antonio Osorio Robles, 1 Kai Qiang Wu(Kennan), 1 Pradeep Kumar Singh, 1 ZhiQiang Fan
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Bug report Importance Assignee Status
1480735 #1480735 Unable to input a length in the pkcs11-key-generation python script that generates MKEK 4 Medium Fernando Diaz  10 Fix Released
1482009 #1482009 Orders post returns misleading error message 4 Medium Pradeep Kumar Singh  10 Fix Released
1485452 #1485452 test case "test_should_raise_container_no_content_type_header" is failing with py34 due to content-type header 4 Medium Dave McCowan  10 Fix Released
1499112 #1499112 Update setup directions on using Barbican with devstack 4 Medium Christopher Solis  10 Fix Released
1501462 #1501462 Make functional test service endpoint selection criteria configurable 4 Medium Arun Kant  10 Fix Released
1504492 #1504492 Intermittant Unit Test Failure in Certificate Resources 4 Medium Dave McCowan  10 Fix Released
1505315 #1505315 Container validator unit tests fail for non localhost host_href 4 Medium Elvin Tubillara  10 Fix Released
1513372 #1513372 local variable referenced before assignment 4 Medium Kai Qiang Wu(Kennan)  10 Fix Released
1515424 #1515424 pkcs11-key-generation command not working 4 Medium Fernando Diaz  10 Fix Released
1520118 #1520118 api documents use inconsistent ‘code-block’ 4 Medium Fernando Diaz  10 Fix Released
1323975 #1323975 do not use default=None for config options 5 Low ZhiQiang Fan  10 Fix Released
1376469 #1376469 Creating a "key" type order without a name set in "meta" produces a null when retrieved 5 Low Juan Antonio Osorio Robles  10 Fix Released
1516552 #1516552 oslo.config link in troubleshooting.rst is broken 5 Low Atsushi SAKAI  10 Fix Released
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