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This program grabs the Flemish TV-guide data from Teveblad and writes the result in an xml-file understandable by MythTV. It is written in C# and mono on Linux. Nevertheless, it is expected to work on Windows as well.

After jxmltv started to charge for the program, I decided to write my own TV-grabber. Thanks to the splendid work of the free html-parser library from Majestic12 on "" writing the grabber was relatively simple and the program really only consists of a single source file. However, the program only downloads the programs I want it to (hardcoded in the program). Therefore, if you require different channels, you can simply open the sources with Monodevelop and change those parameters to suit your needs. If you feel inclined to perfect the program and take out all the user-relevant parameters, just contact me and I will be happy to give you write permission to the branch.


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