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Luigi Genovese
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Luigi Genovese
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is the focus of development.
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Version Expected Released Summary
BigDFT 1.8.3 "Wired" 2018-12-25 2018-12-13 This release enable the usage of wire-like Boundary conditions. Also, this wi...
BigDFT 1.8.2 "Containered" 2018-04-01 2018-01-04 This version contains modifications in preparation of non-orthorhombic cells ...
BigDFT 1.8.1 "Early Py-rd" 2017-04-01 2017-04-28 Initial preparation of the Python-prone BigDFT suite
BigDFT 1.8.0 2016-07-01 2016-07-13 New distribution of the BigDFT suite, separated in different modules.
BigDFT pre-1.8 2015-09-01 2016-07-13 Use of jhbuild flib and yaml fully used Old input files deprecated
15 of 5 results

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