Registered 2012-01-11 by Daniel 'f0o' Preussker

Simple and flexible IRC-Client written in Bash! (no netcat, socat, ...)

All releases in the birc/main branch are stable-releases, please refer to that branch if you only want to use bIRC.

Any changes made will be commited to birc/dev

Config-options for the ~/.bIRC/birc.rc
Values displayed are default values

nick="$(basename $0)$$" #Sets default nickname, cmdline argument overrides this in any case
mode="+iwx" #Sets default nick-modes
name="bIRC" #Sets ident, username and realname
host="" #Sets default irc-hostname, cmdline argument overrides this in any case
port="6667" #Sets Port to connect to, cmdline argument overrides this in any case
keep="false" #Enables/Disables logkeeping
mon="false" #Enables/Disables the monitoring daemon
debug="false" #Enables/Disables debugging into $errlog
help="true" #Enables/Disables ?usage text
dtimer="0.20" #Sets default display update rate in secs, 0 for no delay
errlog="./birc.err.log" #Sets default error-log destination, /dev/null disables error-logs
alias=( "/rw;/set rw 1" ) #Array containing multiple Alias, syntax: ALIAS;COMMAND
autojoin=( ) #Array containing all channels to autojoin on connection
display=( "1;?usage" ) #Array containing a preset of ID;WINDOW to open upon start

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Daniel 'f0o' Preussker
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Apache Licence

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  • 0.4 is out! on 2012-03-05
    \o/ made from a sane version of rev.99
  • Rev76 AKA version 0.3 Released! on 2012-02-02
    We proudly introduce a dynamic tiling system to bIRC with version 0.3! lots o...
  • Rev.65 - Last 0.2 Stage? on 2012-01-24
    we just released Rev.65 and are thinking of going to the next version, 0.3 \o...
  • rev 30 is out! on 2012-01-15
    it kinda looks like irssi now... just without ncurses and all that stuff ;)
  • ohai! on 2012-01-11
    We finally on launchpad, yay! :D