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BitlBee allows users to talk to people on the MSN, ICQ, Jabber, Yahoo!, and AIM networks with any IRC client by emulating an IRC server. A virtual channel is created with all of the user's buddies in it, who can be talked to in the channel or in a query.

The BitlBee project was started three years ago, and started out as a fork of gaim. It has since seen a lot of changes, and perhaps the only things remaining from the original gaim source are the protocol API and the jabber and oscar protocol implementations.

The project originally didn't use any version control systems, but recently migrated to Bazaar. Until the end of 2005, the main developer (Wilmer van der Gaast) maintained an official tree, against which the other developers (Sjoerd Hemminga, Maurits Dijkstra, Jelmer Vernooij) would send patches.

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