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Advanced DC++ Client for Linux

Screenshots :
See on sourceforge
In Ubuntu/Debian ( and some of clones) can install via our repository located at
can be added with command
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:bmdc-team/ppa-stable
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install bmdc
In ArchLinux you find package in Arch´s AUR
For Fedora 20 ,OpenSuse and Debian and prebuild for ArchLinux look at this OBS project
For F21 and above + CentOS 7
Look at COPR

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BMDC++ Team
BMDC++ Team

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Latest version is 0.1.3
released on 2014-09-30

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  • 0.1.3 on 2014-09-28
    We made new release tarbals and so also now aviable (except ppa for Ubuntu) b...
  • BMDC 0.0.5 Beta1 on 2013-07-12
    We anouced 1st release based on gtk3 and some other updates and Fixes (like a...
  • Switsech to GTK3 on 2012-11-12
    So BMDC++ now relique gtk3 3.00 or newest
  • Added some new features on 2012-02-16
    * Add Plugin system from dcpp-plugin branch of DC++ * Add Custom Hub Tab Text...
  • Some Update in project.. on 2011-09-14
    Added: Settings of colors in Userlist Added: /ws and /dcpps mainly for settin...