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Debian-specific extensions for Breezy

This plugin adds several commands for building and maintaining Debian packages in Breezy, as well as other integration.

It is a fork of the bzr-builddeb project, compatible with Breezy.

Commands provided:

builddeb - Builds a Debian package from a branch.
builddeb-do - Run a command in an exported package, copying the result back.
dep3-patch - Format the changes in a branch as a DEP-3 patch.
dh-make - Helps you create a new package.
get-orig-source - Gets the upstream tar file for the packaging branch.
import-dsc - Import a series of source packages.
import-upstream - Imports an upstream tarball.
mark-uploaded - Mark that this branch has been uploaded, prior to pushing it.
merge-upstream - Merges a new upstream version into the current branch.

Other integration:

* apt:PKGNAME as shorthand for looking up package URLs
* basic merge support for quilt patches
* automatic commit message suggestion based on debian/changelog changes
* smart merge support for debian/changelog files
* default tag name support ('bzr tag" without arguments creates a tag based on debian/changelog contents)

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