Registered 2009-02-22 by Nicholas Allen

Sends emails for commits to Bazaar branches and when new branches are created or removed. Emails can be customized using Cheetah templates.


  * Sends emails for commits
  * Sends emails for newly discovered and deleted branches.
  * Can scan multiple directories for branches.
  * Highly configurable.
  * Cheetah templates can be used to define the format of the email
    messages. ie to, from, subject, body
  * Can send emails in HTML format.
  * Supports creole wiki markup in commit messages which will be converted to its corresponding HTML markup.
  * Example templates provided for use with Loggerhead web interface.
    The emails contain links to the revision changes and files that
    were added or modified.
  * Easy to use. A developer could easily set this up on his/her
    machine but most likely it would be setup on a server.
  * Optionally pull changes from parent branches
  * Optionally update the working tree of branches

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Nicholas Allen
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