Bazaar GTK+ Frontends 0.92.0

Major changes in viz and gcommit. Some minor bug fixes.

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Bazaar GTK+ Frontends
Szilveszter Farkas
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  * Removed email part of committer id from committer column in the revision
    history window. (Daniel Schierbeck)

  * Removed date column from revision history window. (Daniel Schierbeck)

  * Rearranged the logview into a notebook. (Daniel Schierbeck)

  * Redesigned the Commit dialog. (John Arbash Meinel)

  * Broken lines support made optional. (Daniel Schierbeck)


  * Rewrite of a large ammount of the viz code:
        * Make use of the bzrlib.tsort.merge_sort for sorting the revisions.
        * A new algorithm to work out how to draw the lines using the
          revsion numbers returned from merge_sort.
        * Lines that are very long are broken, which results in the graph
          requiring less space to render and the graph is easier to interpret.
        * Choose the color for a branch from the revsion number, which results
          in stable colors. Revisions on the mainline are allways black.
        * Implement a TreeModel that loads the revision data only when a a
          revision is scrolled into view, improving the time it takes to display
          the first screen of data by 92%. (#124143)
        * Add a column to display the revision number. (#64167)
        * Add buttons to navigate to child revisions.
    (Gary van der Merwe)

  * Added a revert option to the revision menu. (Gary van der Merwe)


  * Show children on new row in table to avoid very broad windows in viz.

  * viz slow when run from olive. (#70463, Gary van der Merwe)

  * Make it possible to open diff from the commit window when there are pending
    merges. (Gary van der Merwe)


  * Use standard version tuple. (Jelmer)

  * Add check command to (Jelmer)

  * Avoid deprecation warning for all_plugins() in gpreferences. (Jelmer)

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Bug report Importance Assignee Status
154926 #154926 forward/back buttons in viz are broken 3 High   10 Fix Released
70463 #70463 viz slow when run from olive 4 Medium Gary van der Merwe  10 Fix Released
124143 #124143 viz takes too long to start up 4 Medium Gary van der Merwe  10 Fix Released
64167 #64167 bzr viz don't show revno for main revisions 6 Wishlist Gary van der Merwe  10 Fix Released
82907 #82907 Branch graph becomes too wide 1 Undecided Gary van der Merwe  10 Fix Released
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