Bazaar is now a GNU project

Written for Bazaar by Martin Pool on 2008-03-15


We're happy to announce that Bazaar is now officially a GNU project.

This decision was taken after consultation with some of the core Bazaar developers, Canonical management, and Richard Stallman, leader of the GNU project.

If we can help other GNU projects, by extending Bazaar to meet their needs or in other ways we will. Over time we will come into more compliance with the GNU technical and process standards, by sending patches through the regular review process. Our review process, and licence will remain the same, and copyright will still be held by Canonical under the current agreement with contributors.

Bazaar is already supported on, the Free Software Foundation's project hosting server, as well as on Canonical's development nexus.

Canonical is delighted by the GNU project's decision and remains as engaged as ever in the Bazaar project. We think Bazaar is a great tool, we like using it for many of our projects, including Launchpad
and Ubuntu.

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